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Action Face 3D Printed Figures Inks Deal with NBALAB to Produce Customized Collectibles

NBALAB Action Face Logos

After winning the 2022 SXSW PITCH competition in Austin this spring, Action Face, the technological leader of 3D printed action figures, has just signed a deal with the NBALAB to bring together 3D scanning and printing with all 30 NBA teams.


Action Face is a tech startup out of San Francisco that has developed technology to 3D scan and digitize individuals from the iPhone and iPads. These 3D avatars can then be customized in dozens of ways, including adding your favorite NBA uniform. This marks the first time the NBA has entered this market.


“The future is here and we’re looking forward to introducing the NBALAB license to our robust portfolio of fun, unique action figures,” says CEO Kenny Davis. Davis and his team plan to debut the technology to fans during this year’s NBA finals. Action Face is also in talks with several teams to create unique, in-person fan experiences at various stadiums this fall and at Summer League in Las Vegas.


The NBALAB was created to find new and innovative consumer products and get them embedded early with the NBA. NBALAB Chief Creative Officer Billi Kid’s excitement for Action Face is hard to contain, “NBALAB is thrilled to add a customizable and one-of-a-kind collective to our incredible lineup. For every fan who has wished to see themselves center court in their favorite uniform, now they can!”


Action Face will debut this week during the NBA Finals and Summer League before rolling out nationally this fall. All 30 teams are available, and fans will be able to add their own names and likenesses to their one-of-a-kind figures. Figures will launch with a special promotion offering the 3” ‘Mini Me’ Figures for $29 and 6’’ ‘Me’ Figures for $49. All figures are 3D printed in the USA.


For more information about Action Face, visit or follow them on Instagram: @actionfaceme and/or on YouTube Action Face Me.