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Ananey Studios and Nevision Co-Develop Goode Stuff

Goode Stuff Ananey Nevision

Leading Israeli production house Ananey Studios (Greenhouse Academy, Craft Party, SpellKeepers), a Paramount company, and independent production company Nevision (The Floogals), are jointly developing Goode Stuff, a brand new animated comedy series aimed at kids aged 6-12.


Created, written and directed by Israeli animation phenomenon, Nir and Gali, who have created TV shorts, YouTube hits and TV ads which have garnered millions of views, the 52×11 minute series tells the tales of the everyday, chaotic life of a 10-year-old kid with ADD and a house full of talking objects that never shut up!


Daytime Emmy Award and BAFTA nominated creator, director and showrunner Gili Dolev (co-creator Nickelodeon’s Zack & Quack, Series Director of Nick Jr’s Nella the Princess Knight, Showrunner of Universal Kids’ Powerbirds, and Series Director of Cocomelon for Netflix), is Creative Producer. Nevision’s Creative Director of Kids & Family Nigel Pickard and Orly Atlas-Katz, Ananey’s CEO, Shirley Oran, Ananey’s SVP Content and Osnat Saraga Ananey’s SVP Development & Productions are also Executive Producing.


The Goode family, like all other families, are doing their best to juggle everyday life. Only in their house, there’s always someone else – or rather something else – to reckon with. Talking appliances, furniture and toys with strong opinions and desires.


Kylo, who has ADD, finds it hard enough to concentrate without every item in the house voicing their thoughts and opinions. Luckily, he has enough sense of humor and resourcefulness to navigate any wacky and unexpected situation. Like that time his tablet ran away from home following an argument over screen time. Or that day his own bed insisted that he slept on the floor when he refused to take a shower after soccer practice.