Beco Proud to Have Achieved Carbon Neutrality

Beco Logo Carbon Neutrality

Beco has announced that as of April 22, 2022 (Earth Day) they are leading the way in encouraging the pet industry to become more sustainable by achieving carbon neutrality. Working with the certification body, Climate Neutral, Beco has successfully achieved its goal of carbon neutrality by measuring and reducing any business emissions and compensating for every ton.


Since launching in 2009, Beco’s focus has been on creating food, toys, and accessories that pets love, whilst also reducing any impact on the planet. To strengthen this mission, Beco has implemented a number of policies that help protect and preserve the natural world, from switching to renewable energy to power the Beco offices, to replacing gas-powered machinery with electric vehicles and using an air source heat pump that transfers heat absorbed from the outside air instead of relying on gas.


Further to all this, Beco is taking its sustainability mission to the next level by continuing to set longer-term reduction targets.


George Bramble, Beco founder, says: “Carbon offsetting can be contentious as some businesses see it as a way to buy your way out of trouble without addressing the problem, the initial emissions. We are not one of those. Our primary goal is to reduce as much as possible, and then offset what remains. We see offsetting as a way to repay our debts while we work on continuous improvements.”


Beco is proud that the offsetting of its unavoidable emissions drives critical funding into carbon-reducing projects all across the globe, including avoiding deforestation in Indonesia, generating wind energy in China, and reforestation in Costa Rica.