First Sustainable Playmobil Product Range Wiltopia Now Launching

Wiltopia Playmobil

Fittingly, in time before World Environment Day on June 5th, Playmobil presents Wiltopia, the first sustainable product range. The new theme provides the answer to the question of how children can be taught about animals, nature and the environment as well as the importance of sustainability. Without dry facts, and with a huge amount of fun!


Durable quality – the environmentally friendly way


Wiltopia is the first product range from Playmobil to be made from an average of over 80 percent sustainable material. PCR plastic — i.e. plastic that has already been used by consumers and then fed back into the recycling loop — as well as bio-based plastics are used. Discarded recyclables are given a new life and provide the source of material for a colorful and extraordinary play theme. Their use conserves resources and, above all, protects the environment. The new material makes the new play sets shine in a refreshingly new pastel look. All new items of the Wiltopia range naturally meet the proven quality standards of Playmobil.


Animals to play and collect


Wiltopia is all about growing up in a world where animals and nature are respected and protected. To achieve this, it is vital to share knowledge – children can only value, love and protect what they actually know. Starting in July, 27 sets with animals from all over the world will provide lots of collecting and playing fun, combined some extra knowledge. Among the 12 baby animals and 15 medium-sized and large adult animals from all continents available, everyone is guaranteed to find their favorite animal! In addition to the flexible animal figures, each animal set contains accessories to immediately open up creative role-play, as well as a collectible animal card with exciting facts about that animal species. The QR code on the collectible card leads to even more content. An audio clip with child-friendly information on each and the option to project it directly into ones home via the AR feature are included in the web app. Who hasn’t always wanted a selfie with a giraffe?


We live in a breathtaking world filled with abundant species that are worth loving and protecting. Wiltopia raises and even expands the fascination for our big blue planet. The product range makes knowledge accessible in a child-friendly way and helps explain complex contexts from everyday life and our world. The products’ innovative material and the educational approach add a special value to children’s play. In an exciting way, they demonstrate how important animals and the environment are for the continued survival of Earth. From September, children will be able to discover the Amazon region with the second Wiltopia wave including six colorful items.