Readyland Launches the First Books You Can Actually Talk To, Giving Kids a Magical Summer Reading Experience

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Readyland LLC is introducing their proprietary Readyland Books, the first printed books that work with Alexa to create an immersive reading experience that makes reading even more magical. Get ready for the ultimate screen-free summer boredom buster – books you can talk to!


For the first time ever, with Readyland books, kids can actually talk with the characters, respond to questions, play games, choose songs and become part of the story. Making different choices creates a unique experience every time kids open the books, inspiring imaginations and encouraging kids to love reading. The newest Readyland book, Jack and the Beanstalk, launches June 15, 2022, joining A Playdate with Rosie and Ricky and Three Little Pigs, all available now on Amazon.


Readyland is a library of printed books that come to life with innovative voice technology, creating a whole new category – Alexa Interactive Books – where screen-free reading meets audio entertainment. Using an Alexa-enabled device at home or the Alexa smartphone app, kids explore books in a new way with engaging dialogues and interactive games revealed each time they turn a page.


“We’re reinventing the traditional, printed book experience, and the response from kids and parents has been tremendous,” said Joshua Garrett, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Readyland. “In over 20 years of making products for kids, I’ve never seen anything as interactive and intuitive as Readyland.”


Along with engaging story narration and lively character voices, the books keep kids coming back by offering a new reading experience every time a child opens the book and says, “I’m Ready!” For example, kids will discover a different song each day when they come back to read A Playdate with Rosie and Ricky. Readyland books feature:


The ability to talk to the book’s characters. Expressive character voices engage in dialogues with the reader and play games such as I Spy and Name that Tune. The characters listen and respond to the reader’s voice, giving kids control of their experience.


New surprises every time. With hundreds of recorded phrases in each book, the reader’s responses and choices create new ways to explore each storyline and activity. For example, in Jack and the Beanstalk, the reader’s choices to create the magic spell on one page will change the story outcome on later pages. These surprises keep kids coming back again and again.


Screen-free, interactive fun. The books are highly interactive, with no screen required! The stories are brought to life, bursting with surprises, sound effects and songs to delight young readers and take their attention away from screens and into the books.


Encourage literacy and comprehension. Readyland books make reading more fun, encouraging children to read, listen and respond. The engagement with storylines helps develop important language and comprehension skills.


The first three books in the Readyland library include:


Readyland 1 Playdate with Rosie and Ricky


A Playdate with Rosie and Ricky – Spend the day with the delightful Rosie and Ricky, playing interactive games like “I Spy,” listening to music, choosing a smoothie recipe and more! Available on Amazon for ages 3-7; $14.99.




Readyland 3 Little Pigs


Three Little Pigs: A Readyland Fairy Tale – A magical retelling of the classic fairy tale with music, interactive games like “Guess the Animal” and the challenge to outsmart the Big Bad Wolf! Available on Amazon for ages 3-7; $14.99.




Readyland Jack an the Beanstalk



Jack and the Beanstalk: A Readyland Fairy Tale – Go on a magical adventure with Jack, as you work together to outwit the Evil Giant, explore the castle, escape an interactive maze, cast your own magic spell, and more! Available on Amazon for ages 5-8; $14.99



Many more titles are coming to the world of Readyland, including a wide range of books for all ages. Families can also look forward to more unique reading experiences with characters they know and love from top children’s properties.


Once you have a Readyland book, it’s easy to set up parental permissions for the Alexa skill, and dive into a unique interactive reading experience. Parents can find more information at Are you ready? Just say, “Alexa, open Readyland!”