McMiller Launches their Next Hit Game, Fire in the Hole

Fire in the Hole McMiller

How do pirates plunder but save the earth? The answer is next hit game from McMiller, Fire in the Hole! It’s a plundering pirate game of both skill and scavenge, centered around a large pop-up pirate ship. Fire in the Hole is also saving the seven seas – it’s plastic-free, biodegradable and carbon neutral, making it one of the most sustainable tabletop board games on the market.


Created by David McGranaghan and Julian Miller of McMiller, also responsible for the smash hit sell-out sensation game, It’s Bananas (with 50 million views on TikTok). Fire in the Hole is part strategy, part dexterity, and even more challenging with the included pirate eye patch. It’s rowdy enough for a fun family game night, but has enough twists and tricks for the most seasoned game pirates.


“With Fire in the Hole, our mission was to create the most sustainable game possible,” said David McGranaghan, Co-Creator of Fire in the Hole. “We wanted to recreate that epic board game moment that you would traditionally get with a plastic-heavy game, so we eventually explored the world of pop-up books. We soon realized we could use that concept to create a large, exciting structure.”


Strap on the pirate patch and play a card. Each player can choose a fire card, roll the dice to find out if it’s an “all fire” or “solo fire”. Then, take your best shot with the felt cannonballs.


If a player chooses a sabotage card, take your pick from a bevy of tricks to infuriate your fellow pirates. Will you choose to play the scallywag? Swap yer colors? Or spin the ship with a thar she blows? First player to link four felt cannonballs in the ship wins!


“Seeing how much plastic waste exists in the game and toy industry, we as a company really feel a responsibility to create products that are truly good for the planet,” added Julian Miller, Co-Creator of Fire in the Hole. “So we poured as much creativity into our material choices as we did into the gameplay, and we hope to keep that approach for all of our games moving forward. It’s been no easy feat, but we’re very determined!”


Julian Miller and David McGranaghan are the founding monsters of queer-owned McMiller Entertainment. All McMiller games become the life of the party and bring laughs to everyone involved. Julian and David have created five hilarious epic party games: It’s Bananas, Fire in the Hole, UpRoar, Santa VS Jesus, and Game For Fame. All games are available on Amazon and