VEX Robotics Implements Robotics Programs for All Grade Levels at Woodland Hills School District

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On Monday, September 12th , 2022, students from kindergarten to grade 12 at Woodland Hills School District started the new school year off with a big initiative. All grade levels at Woodland Hills School District were introduced to the STEM education continuum through VEX Robotics allowing them to access STEM curriculum at every age and level! 


The Woodland Hills School District (located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) serves twelve municipalities in the Pittsburgh area; Braddock, Braddock Hills, Chalfant, Churchill, East Pittsburgh, Edgewood, Forest Hills, North Braddock, Rankin, Swissvale, Turtle Creek and Wilkins Township. 


Woodland Hills School District was formed in July 1981 by a mandated merger of Edgewood, General Braddock, Swissvale, Churchill and Turtle Creek school districts. The Woodland Hills School District is unique in that it was formed by a court order (one of only three such districts so formed in Pennsylvania) in 1982 as a result of a Civil Rights Act lawsuit filed by various residents of the prior school districts. It was formed from an amalgamation of seven separate districts in the eastern region of Allegheny County in suburban Pittsburgh. The suit was filed to address the fact that the seven districts were all composed almost exclusively of all white or all black student enrollments. This resulted in African American students being transported long distances past all White schools and vice versa. The resultant court order created a single large school district of over 7,000 students comprised almost equally of white and black students.


VEX Robotics is offering Woodland Hills School District students the following:


Kindergarten to Grade 5: 

Students will be taking a 35 minute STEM class every day. Kindergarten to Grade 2 will be using VEX 123 and grade 3-5 will be using VEX GO and VEXcode VR. 


Grade 6: 

VEX IQ will be used to supplement the science classes. 


Grade 7-8: 

STEM elective:7th and 8th grade students will also have the chance to join an after school robotics club. 


High School: 

Computer Science class and engineering electives. High School students will also have the chance to join an after school robotics club. 


Additional Programs: 

Pre-Kindergarten will be using VEX 123 

Incorporating K-5 librarians to supplement what is happening in the STEM class o Career focused 

Robotics Lending Library – providing parents an opportunity to check out 123 and GO kits .


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