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Brand Central and Global Sub-Agents Sign 17 New Licensing Deals for NFT Collective

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Brand Central, the exclusive global licensing agency for Bored of Directors, and their network of leading global subagents have been rapidly closing licensing partners around the globe.


Bored of Directors offers a collection of top Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) apes featuring a variety of aesthetics and personalities under one umbrella brand. With a full suite of apes, trend forward style guide, and retail partnerships lining up, Bored of Directors is going bananas.


Below is a list of the latest licensees joining the bunch:



– Bioworld (Apparel, Headwear, Bags, and Impulse Items)

– Brand Collective (Headwear, Cold Weather Accessories, Bags, Wallets/Wristlets, Luggage & Luggage Accessories)

– Concept1 (Headwear, Cold Weather Accessories, Bags, Wallets/Wristlets, Luggage & Luggage Accessories)

– Just Funky (Beverageware, Blankets/Throws, Plush, Bag Clips, Acrylic Stands, Tableware/Dishware, Journals/Notebooks, Pens/Pen Toppers, Cable Covers, Umbrellas, Wall Art, Sunshades, License Plate Frames, Snow Globes, Air Fresheners.)

– Prime 3D (Puzzles)

– Textiss (Headwear, Socks)


United Kingdom:

– Poetic Brands (Apparel, Luggage)

– Ecell (Electronic Accessories)

– Whitehouse Leisure (Plush)


South Korea:

– Creas F&C (Golf Wear & Accessories)

– Osong (Socks)


Mexico, South & Central America:

– Industrias Calimod (Apparel, Footwear, Accessories)

– Aurimoda (Apparel)



– Skybrands (Apparel & Home)

– Stone Kids (Apparel)

– Hybris (Apparel)



– Chole Ltd. (Apparel)


The partnerships cover a variety of categories including apparel, accessories, footwear, luggage, puzzles, electronic accessories, golf accessories, homewares, and much more! With products hitting shelves, consumers will be able to sport their favorite ape character and show their love for the most iconic NFT community.


“We are blown away by the traction we are getting from the Bored of Directors brand around the globe. Bored Apes have become internationally recognized NFT icons and consumers, and retailers want to be part of the phenomenon” said Ross Misher, CEO of Brand Central.


Ross Misher, Brand Central CEO and Alex Locke, Co-Founder & Managing Member of Bored of Directors, will be holding a fire side chat on “From NFT to Dollars: How NFT’s can Actually Make Sense” at the Brand & Licensing Innovation Summit in New York, November 8th.