Playmobil Meets Naruto Shippuden to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Series

naruto shippuden playmobil

Naruto turns 20! For this special birthday of the Japanese cult series, Playmobil celebrates the long-awaited premiere in the world of anime with the first figures from Naruto Shippuden.


Playmobil is taking its first steps in the diverse anime cosmos with this fascinating new license in the kidult sector. With this new series, Playmobil picks up the exciting adventures of the sympathetic ninja Naruto Uzumaki. Of course, he is accompanied by his long-time rival, the determined Sasuke Uchiha and his close friend, the spirited Sakura Haruno. Also included are many other characters from the popular series, such as the disciplined Kakashi or members of the villainous Akatsuki.


As of January, every small and large anime enthusiast can look forward to the first twelve beautifully designed figures. Whether for the collectables-showcase or for recreating the most exciting scenes from the series, the Naruto Shippuden Playmobil Edition is a must-have for every fan.


And you can stay excited, because in the same year, the next twelve popular characters and even more sets from Naruto Shippuden are already coming to the toy shelf at Playmobil!