Rainbow High Celebrates Día De Los Muertos with Next Collector Doll in its Rainbow High Celebration Collection

Maria Garcia Rainbow High Dia De Muertos

Rainbow High, the No. 1 fashion doll from MGA Entertainment (MGA), announced the official launch of its next collector doll in its Rainbow High Celebration Collection: Maria Garcia. This beautifully designed collector doll was created to celebrate Día de Los Muertos, the longtime recognized Mexican holiday, traditionally observed on November first and second. Customarily family and friends gather to pay respects to and remember those who have passed on. In the spirit of Rainbow High, cultural celebrations were chosen for the Celebration Collection to foster respect and appreciation for other cultures.


“With the launch of our newest Rainbow High Celebration Collection doll, Maria Garcia, in observation of Día de Los Muertos, we are committed to ensuring that the spirit of the brand continues to reflect the very diverse world we live in today,” said Isaac Larian, MGA Entertainment’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our unfaltering commitment to the themes of diversity and inclusion across design and storytelling has set Rainbow High apart from other fashion dolls on the market today.”


This holiday dates back as early as Aztec times when the Aztec people used skulls to commemorate the dead. The symbol of skulls has remained an important tradition throughout the centuries to honor those who have passed on. In modern day ceremonies, Latin people around the world honor their loved ones by building ofrendas, or altars, with items representing the four elements of water, earth, fire and wind to help guide their dearly departed across from the afterlife. It is important to remember those we love even in their absence so they may continue to live on through us and through our memories.


Día de Los Muertos is a time to rejoice over the lives of all those whose memory we continue to carry in our hearts. In fact, Mexicans have been known to have a positive outlook and view of this holiday as the phrase “Feliz Dia de Los Muertos” literally translates to “Happy Day of the Dead.” While originating in Mexico, today the holiday honoring the dead is celebrated around the world.


“Our interpretation of this holiday is embodied by our beautifully appointed Rainbow High doll, which drew inspiration from many different trends, local traditions, and designers where Día de Los Muertos is celebrated,” added Paula Garcia, Chief Design Officer, Girls, MGA Entertainment. “We are proud to showcase a melting pot of traditions and customs that come together through fashion interpretation.”


The Rainbow High Celebration Collection Día de Los Muertos doll’s design and packaging reflect this interpretation while honoring the important traditions of the holiday:


A bright orange marigold or cempazúchitl, referred to as the “flower of the dead,” adorns the beautiful collector box. The marigold’s potent fragrance and bright color are thought to attract the souls of the dead back home during the celebration.

The doll has a detailed calavera (skeleton) face paint. The calavera has become a symbol for the holiday and serves as a reminder that the dead should be commemorated, but not feared.

Her purple hair acknowledges the Loss of loved ones as this color represents mourning and loss.

She holds a sugar skull purse, inspired by the sugar skulls that represent a departed loved one and are placed on an ofrenda as an offering to the spirit of the dead.

The hat and boots pay tribute to the Mariachi bands that play during Día de Los Muertos to honor those whom we have Lost.

The Rainbow High Celebration Collection: Maria Garcia Día de Los Muertos doll is available globally in major markets and retailers including online at Walmart, Target and Amazon.