Adventerra Games Encourage Kids to Talk Trash for a Good Reason with Launch of ‘Recycle Rally’ Game

Recycle Rally Adventerra Games

Is it ever okay for kids to talk trash at the kitchen table? Absolutely, touts Adventerra Games, maker of Recycle Rally. The fun board game is full of essential life skills as kids as young as 6-years-old “drive” recycling trucks around town collecting high-value materials like plastic, glass and metal goods. Parents like the game for family night as it teaches kids the importance of recycling and how to do it. Teachers are impressed with its Mensa “Mind Games Recommended For Play” status.


After winning multiple national awards, Recycle Rally is even better with a refreshed new look and feel for 2023 play.


“We redesigned the graphics to appeal to a wider range of ages,” revealed France Mer, Director of Marketing, Adventerra Games North America, “and simplified a few rules so it is easier to jump in and start playing right away. The fast-paced game is now great for family game nights, homeschool lessons, nature centers, camps, and classrooms.”


With feedback from parents and toy industry experts, Adventerra Games simplified the rules so that play moves faster. Now players receive different points for each type of object that they collect — so kids will learn that certain materials are very important to recycle, due to the environmental impact. And, each recycling center on the new board shows the number of points one receives there. Kids “drive up” to the recycling center and receive an “Adventerra Points” disc in that amount.


The actual components of the board game are a recycling lesson in itself! During the design process, Adventerra Games reduces waste by optimizing the space on the printing sheets. To ensure the highest level of sustainability in their printing process, they use non-toxic vegetable inks made of linseed oil and soy. These inks are also free of cobalt and mineral oils.


And there’s more! Recycle Rally is created from high-quality recycled materials, and FSC-certified wood and paper. Unlike most board games, it’s plastic-free, created instead with wooden dice and sturdy cardboard components. Like all of their games, this one 100% recyclable and biodegradable. All parts can go into the paper recycling bin or garden compost, making it very easy for customers to reduce waste.


“Our products are robust and durable,” notes France Mer, “Our hope is that after a child outgrows Recycle Rally, the game will still be in good shape so it can be enjoyed by another family. We think Mother Nature would be delighted.”


Recycle Rally – Ages 6+ : This “edutaining” board game give parents and caregivers a fun way to teach children about sustainability and the importance of sorting refuse. Adventerra Games just released a refreshed version of this popular STEM game. Players race through the streets to collect recyclables and transport them to recycling centers, cleaning up the town. The new design and rules make it quick and easy to set up and start playing. With modern cool graphics, the board and game pieces appeal to all school-age kids. Better yet, this gameboard that can be played by multilingual families and children who do not read yet. This game is a great way to get your kids talking about trash, and the importance of recycling!