Inuru to Debut First-of-its-Kind Packaging Technology at CES

Bright Inuru CES

Inuru, a pioneer in practical and transformative light technology, is presenting its new line of paper-thin organic LEDs (OLED) at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Booth 9274.


Located in the Enterprise section of the North Hall near “Smart Cities,” Inuru’s 10’ X 20’ exhibit will feature an immersive cyber-punk experience, showcasing the company’s latest breakthroughs in whole electronic circuitry, condensed into thin waterproof and shockproof labels with an ultra-efficient free form light that is powered by a stamp-sized battery producing 3V and 0.5mA at 500CD. Executives are making appointments.


Designed to reduce packaging waste and create a visually stunning consumer experience, the company’s patented electric luminous film (ELF) can be utilized in a wide variety of applications – including several that will be making their American debut at CES. A video demonstration of the technology can be viewed/downloaded here.


The German startup has tested successfully with international brands including Coca-Cola, Reustle and Cattier Champagne, and now INURU is ready for its wide-scale launch of light-activated labels and wearables.


“We have been preparing for this moment for a long time, and the world is finally ready to see these futuristic applications in a real-world setting,” said INURU founder and CEO Marcin Ratajczak, who has been developing the technology since 2012. “INURU wants to light up the world, light can be not only beautiful but can be useful. ELFs bring light into places where it has not been before.”


While ELF can be printed into almost anything, Inuru is first setting its sights on rolling out the technology as a marketing tool, incorporating it into packaging and labels to enhance brand presence at the initial contact with customers. These customized lights are controlled by sensors that can illuminate a variety of products, including:


  • Food and beverage labels that light up by touch
  • Packages that turn on by motion detection when someone comes within six feet of it
  • Medicine containers timed to flash upon its expiration or use
  • Bottles that pulse to the beat of music


“The technology is a complete game-changer for many industries,” said Inuru chief technology officer Patrick Barkowski. “Not only does it enhance branding to entice new customers, but the ELFs are super-robust and can be integrated using today’s production equipment and recycled after use.”


Additionally, Inuru is launching a suite of rechargeable OLEDs at CES, which can be merged with fabrics for a cyber-punk style wearable or safety mechanism, such as outdoor running at night. Garment prototypes as well as pharmaceutical and bottling applications will be on display at CES inside Inuru’s “Store of the Future” exhibit at CES.


“These endless possibilities are as eye-popping as they are practical,” said Richard Jankiewicz, Inuru’s sales and business development manager, who will be showcasing pharmaceutical, retail and fashion applications at the CES exhibit. “Everyone who comes by INURU’s ‘Store of the Future’ will be in for a treat. Our look-and-feel is cyber-punk, where light is a resource to communicate with each other because, environmentally speaking, we cannot afford to do it any other way.”