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Jade City Foods and Don Clemente Inc Team up to Launch Loteria Foods

Don Clemente Loteria Jade City Foods

Jade City Foods, a creative gourmet food manufacturer, and Don Clemente, Inc, the representative of the Loteria game rights in the U.S., are proud to announce a new collaboration that offers casual and hardcore Loteria fans a whole new and easy way to start their mornings and season their food.


“It has been such a fun process to see how Jade City Foods took inspiration from the iconic Loteria cards and transformed them into gourmet hot sauce recipes and coffee blends to please every palate,” said Luis Landin, president of Don Clemente, Inc. “We can’t wait to see what new products they will come up with next!”


The Loteria coffee line has three different roasts: El Sol Rise And Shine (light, fruit forward), El Corazón Kickstart Your Day medium (balanced, bold) and El Mundo Take On The World (dark, hints of chocolate and caramel). Loteria hot sauce includes five flavors including El Cotorro: Pineapple Habanero, El Diablito: Reaper, Scorpion, Ghost Pepper and Habanero, El Borracho: Smoked Jalapeño with Mezcal, La Mano: Blueberry Habanero, and La Rosa: Bell Pepper Rose Habanero.


“Jade City Foods has elevated the Loteria brand by creating delicious artisanal hot sauces and perfectly roasted coffees with beautiful looking packaging,” said Vivian Velasco, president of Pacific Swell Brands, the licensing agency that brokered and manages the license.

“The classic Loteria characters have inspired us to create some of our most creative hot sauce combinations. We would love to see the hot sauce incorporated into the game; call out an El Diablito card, dip your chicharron in El Diablito hot sauce!” says Cliff Wiener, Co-Founder of Jade City Foods.


The official line of Loteria coffee and hot sauces are now available online at