Snuggle Puppy Announces Launch of Snuggle Puppy HERO For Kids

Snuggle Puppy Hero

Snuggle Puppy is thrilled to announce the launch of Snuggle Puppy HERO, a huggable friend designed to help with children’s anxiety, stress, or overstimulation.


Zeke takes Snuggle Puppy HERO to school, doctor’s appointments, and to bed with him each night. Like many kids, having a friend nearby really makes a difference in Zeke’s daily life!


“Since 1997, we’ve helped millions of animals around the world and receive incredible stories about the impact Snuggle Puppy has made on our four-legged friends, from dogs to cats, monkeys, and even bears”, said Rob Emery, Founder & CEO, “Over the years, we’ve also received numerous stories of Snuggle Puppy helping children through tough times and anxious moments. With feedback from moms and dads, we’re proud to introduce Snuggle Puppy HERO, a product that is helping kids.”


When a child is anxious or overwhelmed, the world can feel like a big, lonely, and sometimes scary place. Snuggle Puppy HERO comes to the rescue with special features designed to comfort and calm children, no matter where their adventures take them.


HERO has 3 sensory soothe points for calming play and comfort. These include a Real-Feel Heartbeat like a super close hug, tactile corners for sensory exploration, and huggable plushness for sweet dreams.


“My son Zeke hardly ever sleeps, and when he does, it’s usually only for a few hours,” said Alyson Terry, Zeke’s mom, “The last three nights he has slept the entire night. I cannot tell you how many things we’ve tried to help him sleep, and none have worked as well as Snuggle Puppy.”


HERO was inspired by and created for kids like Zeke. He takes HERO to school, doctor’s appointments, bedtime, traveling, and more. Like many kids, having a friend nearby really makes a difference in Zeke’s daily life.


HERO is latex-free, BPA-free and is designed for children 3 and up. Included with each purchase is the Snuggle Puppy HERO Plush, Real-Feel Heartbeat with batteries included, and HERO Super Cape with silicone tactile corners. It can be purchased at