All-New VTech Sleep Training Soothers Now Available Nationwide

VTech Logo sleep trainers

VTech Communications, Inc, a leading manufacturer of award-winning baby monitors, announced the availability of its latest sleep soothers, designed to create ideal sleep patterns and environments for little ones. The latest introductions, available now at retailers nationwide, include the VTech V-Hush Pro BC8313, V-Hush Pro 2 BC8314, V-Hush Jr. BC8213 and V-Hush Plug BC8113 Sleep Training Soothers.


“We are thrilled to announce the availability of our new sleep soothers,” said Brad Pittmon, Vice President of Product Marketing, VTech Communications, Inc. “These products combine technology with thoughtful design to provide parents and babies with a new level of comfort and tranquility during bedtime. With the scheduling feature, our soothers empower parents to help their kids develop good sleep routines while also encouraging some independence.”


The family of V-Hush Sleep Training Soothers offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing a child’s sleep routine and creating a peaceful environment for restful sleep, promoting healthy sleep habits. These soothers feature a sleep program designed by experts, combining light, sounds and tips to create an optimal sleep environment.


With the built-in edutainment and soothing content, parents can effortlessly establish a calming bedtime routine for their little ones. The timer function ensures that the sleep soother automatically turns on and off after a set duration, allowing babies to rest peacefully while parents enjoy much-needed rest as well. It plays a crucial role in helping babies and children learn the distinction between day and night, ultimately promoting a consistent sleep routine for better sleep quality.


These soothers are equipped with a colorful touch night light offering over 250 color choices, and up to six ceiling projection frames. This enables parents to personalize and cater to their baby’s unique choices, creating the perfect sleeping environment. Additionally, a powerful Bluetooth speaker surrounds the area with clear, soft sounds proven to foster restful sleep environments.


Parents can also craft sleep-inducing atmospheres with pre-programmed stories, classical music, lullabies and natural sounds, or stream their favorite music from the mobile music app. They can even record and upload their own voice, songs or stories using the subscription-free app, allowing for a customized and soothing experience.


The V-Hush Pro BC8313 and V-Hush Jr. BC8213 Sleep Training Soothers feature rechargeable batteries for easy portability while the V-Hush Plug BC8113 plugs directly into a power outlet, eliminating the need for power cords.


Enhance baby’s sleep routine and cultivate a harmonious atmosphere that benefits both parents and little ones with the VTech®️ V-Hush Sleep Training Soother Series. Experience the convenience, customization and the gift of uninterrupted sleep that VTech products offer.


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