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Furby and Cakeworthy Launch 90s-Inspired Fashion and Apparel Collection

Furby Cakeworthy

Canadian Fashion Fandom experts, Cakeworthy, and leading toy and game company, Hasbro, are excited to announce the release of their classic Furby collection! As a leading lifestyle brand in the fandom space, this collection fits Cakeworthy seamlessly with a perfect blend of style and nostalgia. Now, you can Free Your Inner Furb with this fun and fantastical Cakeworthy x Furby collection! These items will be available January 19th both online and at Cakeworthy’s brick and mortar store location at CF Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton, Ontario.


For all 90’s and y2k babies, this collection will truly bring you back to your childhood with outrageously fun designs inspired by earlier versions of the iconic toy. This 13-piece fashion line includes an array of accessories dawning the hard-to-forget Furby face, as well as several clothing items including a sweater, t-shirt dress, and a sherpa jacket!



“The Cakeworthy brand thrives off of nostalgia, so this collection truly couldn’t have been a better fit for us. I really wanted to take the icon that is ‘Furby’ and turn it into a product on a level that we’ve never really hit before. When designing this collection, we essentially asked ourselves, ‘What would Furby look like if it were a hat or a bag or a jacket’ – that was the vision. This has truly been one of our most ambitious collections to date including never-before-seen features from Cakeworthy including 3D elements and even hair. These are things our community hasn’t typically seen from a Cakeworthy item, or really anywhere!” – Brandon Shedden on the collection.



During a time of major digital disruption in the late 90s, Furby instantly became one of the toy world’s biggest and most iconic launches, with over 40 million units sold globally in the first three years. Now, Furby is back so a new generation of kids can discover their own curious little creature and kindred spirit, that’s sure to be their next BFF. Furby has remained a unique symbol of self-expression for fans across the globe due to the immense and growing fandom that has taken Furby from just a toy to an imaginative brand and lifestyle. With a history of disrupting pop culture and the toy aisle, Furby reminds kids that they can be their hilarious, wacky, perfectly imperfect selves, because that is what makes them – and the world – a little more special.