Playmobil Trailblazes by Integrating Plant-based Plastic Into its Entire Playmobil Junior Toddler Portfolio

Playmobil Junior plant-based plastic

At the beginning of 2024, Playmobil converted the production of all items in its toddler portfolio from traditional, fossil-based to plant-based materials. The toddler line is also receiving a new name and a new look. Playmobil 1.2.3 is now Playmobil Junior. The playsets under the new brand are made with plastics originating from raw materials that are at least 90% plant-based.


The new plant-based plastics can be traced back to materials left over from food or paper production according to the mass balance approach used in the circular economy and based on the ISCC 208 standard. For the packaging, at least 90% recycled cardboard and 100% recycled paper are used. The change to sustainable materials is also accompanied by a relaunch of the packaging design. The first play sets will be available in February 2024. The entire product range is planned to be converted by the middle of the year.


Playmobil Junior brings varied play fun for toddlers. The different sets support the development of toddlers from one to four years old with a variety of features and play options. With every action, the child will continue to develop in a playful way. Playmobil Junior accompanies toddlers on their individual journey of discovery into a fun world of play. The products can be used in a large variety of ways, e.g. in playrooms, back yards and playgrounds, and with the “Aqua” line also in the bathtub and pool. All Disney licensed play sets will also be produced using the new sustainable materials.


The brand relaunch is supported by a large-scale media campaign.


Playmobil CEO Bahri Kurter: “After successfully establishing several classic product lines to now use recycled and bio-based plastics, converting the production of our toddler line is another important step on our ambitious sustainability agenda.”


This makes Playmobil the first major toy manufacturer worldwide to offer a complete product segment using at least 90 % plant-based materials.


Background information: New international study shows that durability and child development are among parents’ top concerns when making a purchase


Before introducing sustainable products for toddlers, Playmobil commissioned a representative survey of more than 3,000 parents of children between the ages of one and four. The survey looked at play behavior, the role of parents and their expectations of toys for young children in Germany, France and China. The results show that parents around the world attach great importance to the sustainability and quality of the toys their children play with.


Almost 80% of parents of toddlers in Germany and China say that sustainable materials are a reason for choosing a toy to purchase. Promoting their children’s development through play is also one of the top buying criteria. For example, 85% of parents in Germany, 83% in France and 78% in China say that they pay attention that the play set promotes their children’s development before making a purchase. Another important factor when selecting a product is durability. Between 74% and 83% of parents even cite this as the most important buying criterion. The survey also shows that the way children play varies greatly around the world: While parents in Germany value independent play and encourage children to play on their own, parents in France and China are more likely to participate in play.