Dart Zone Updates Fan-Favorited Adventure Force Nexus and Aeon Pro X Blasters

Nexus Pro Dart Zone

Dart Zone is energizing the new year, and industry standards, with exciting updates and advancements to its highly successful Tactical Strike line of blasters – bringing new and improved adjustments to the Nexus and Aeon Pro X by Adventure Force. In 2020, Dart Zone and Adventure Force pioneered the half-length pro dart category for players 14 years and up. Four years later, the revamped blasters were unveiled at Spielwarenmesse in January and will be available for purchase exclusively at Walmart mid-April at the same price points the popular, original Pro blasters were sold while packed with industry leading upgrades.


“It should come to no surprise that we are revisiting two of our elite, high-end blasters,” says Bryan Sturtevant, vice president of sales at Dart Zone. “Our goal is to continuously bring our community along in the process of creating superior blasters. That includes our never-before-seen blasters and the classics we revisit to refine. These two newer ideations of the Nexus and Aeon Pro reflect what we know works and insights from our community on what can be emphasized to create blasters that are fun, polished, and powerful.”


Leading the category, and the larger of the two, the new Dart Zone Nexus Pro X Ultimate Blaster Set showcases a fresh style with its modernized purple and orange camo decals and opulent texturized finishes from 3D printed laser printing. The true standout is in the performance with a refined design within the blaster creating superior speed, expanded distance and pinpoint accuracy as the half-length Adventure Force Pro Darts exit the two SCAR Barrel Tubes. The set includes 24 half-length branded darts that can shoot up to 200 feet, two 12-round half-length Pro Dart Ammo Clips, two SCAR Barrel Tubes to boost accuracy and offer customization to the blasting experience, an adjustable rear stock, spare O-Ring, rear scope, a tactical front sight and one pair of protective eyewear. Blaster enthusiasts will feel the smooth manual upgrades as they activate the rapid Slamfire Action while holding down the rigger and continuously pulling back the priming slide. Priced at $49.97 the primary class blaster is intended for ages 14+ years and will be available mid-April, in-store and online at Walmart.


The new Aeon Pro X blaster is a great introductory blaster for those new to the pro blaster category, as it elevates any dart battle with next level power and performance right out of the box. Reintroduced with a refreshed orange and purple aesthetic, the Aeon Pro X is still a classic in its solid performance highlighting speed, remarkable distance, and dart exactitude. The set includes a tactical sight and rails on the frontend, 12 of the highly accurate half-length Adventure Force Pro Darts that can shoot up to 150 feet, a half-length pro ammo clip, safety lock, two clip releases and a six-threaded SCAR Barrel Tube to boost accuracy and the overall blasting experience. Activate rapid Slamfire Action by holding down the trigger and continuously pulling back the priming slide. As a solid go-to blaster in the Adventure Force lineup, this pro blaster is listed at a reasonable $25, recommended for 14+ years, and will be available mid-April at Walmart.