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Formitalia Group and Warner Bros Discovery Unite to Unveil the New DC Inspired Wayne Enterprises Home Collection

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Formitalia Group, a distinguished name in the global furniture industry, has today proudly announced an exciting partnership with Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products (WBDGCP) for the launch of its DC inspired Wayne Enterprises Home Collection. The elevated Wayne Enterprises label, launched in Fall 2022, includes high-end designer fashion, accessories, health/fitness, personal care, electronics, house wares, automotive and even experiences – tailored to the sophisticated, the bold, the ready-for-anything trend setters, the Bruce Wayne’s of the world.


This significant partnership signifies Formitalia’s official status as a WBDGCP partner and licensee, with the privilege to firstly introduce an exclusive furniture collection dedicated to the legendary and iconic Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman. This partnership stands as a testament to Formitalia’s unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality home collections. “Bruce Wayne’s style is aspirational. His characteristics are iconic yet edgy, practical yet mysterious, and everything around him showcases his unique set of skills whether day or night,” said Julian Moon, SVP, EMEA and APAC Consumer Products for Warner Bros. Discovery. “Formitalia understands Wayne Enterprises down to its core, and we’re excited to partner with them to develop world-class in-home experiences and luxury goods.”


With the support of WBDCP, Formitalia and several top designers will develop a collection that will embody the sophistication, luxury and modernity associated with Bruce Wayne. The Wayne Enterprises Home Collection will encompass a wide range of unique interiors, including living room, bedroom sets, office, lighting and home décor items, offering the opportunity to infuse living spaces with the essence of Gotham City. David and Gianni Overi, President and CEO of the Formitalia Group, express their enthusiasm for this project: “Formitalia is honored to collaborate with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products on this exciting project that will be officially unveiled at the Milano Design Week 2024 in Milan. “We will put our heart and soul into creating a collection that embodies the spirit of Bruce Wayne, and we can’t wait to share it with the world”