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Popular Poppy Playtime Universe Continues Expansion with Official Poppy Playtime Forever Game Launching on Roblox

Poppy Playtime roblox

Mob Entertainment, a rapidly-growing transmedia entertainment company, creators of the successful Poppy Playtime franchise and Huggy Wuggy global phenomena, has announced its collaboration with Jazwares, a leading global toy company and their renowned game studio to introduce the official game “Poppy Playtime Forever” to the Roblox platform. This marks a significant milestone in expanding the immersive gaming and user-generated content experience within the beloved Poppy Playtime universe.


Set to launch on February 29, Poppy Playtime Forever lets players join forces with up to 10 players to overcome challenges, survive, and escape the confines of the Playtime Co. toy store, while unlocking new environments and creating user generated content along the way. Players will encounter some familiar faces throughout the game, including Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy.


With its best-in-class developers, Poppy Playtime Forever puts players in the driver’s seat, allowing them to create user-generated content with a level editor to shape and share their own stories and challenges within the game. Players will also have access to an avatar accessory collection allowing them to customize their avatar with exclusive Poppy Playtime-themed accessories.


“We are excited to see the Poppy Playtime universe continually expand, and this collaboration with Jazwares represents a new chapter in delivering immersive gaming experiences to our players,” said Co-founders Zach Belanger, CEO and Seth Belanger, CCO of Mob Entertainment. “Roblox entertains 350 million users each month and we have gotten a lot of feedback from fans to develop an official game for the platform. Poppy Playtime Forever is set to revolutionize the Roblox gaming landscape, offering a blend of storytelling, the ability to collaborate with other players, and creativity that will captivate players worldwide.”


Developed by the Jazwares Game Studio, known for their commitment to imaginative play and innovative gaming experiences, “Poppy Playtime Forever” promises a thrilling adventure for players of all ages. As the only official Poppy Playtime game on Roblox, players can expect a new level of excitement and engagement as they delve into this captivating world.


“Jazwares Game Studio brings IP to life like nobody else can and we’re thrilled to team up with Mob Entertainment and introduce Poppy Playtime Forever to the Roblox platform,” said Kyle Hulse, Director of Gaming at Jazwares. “With Poppy Playtime’s massive popularity and Roblox’s rich history of community-generated content, it’s the perfect match as the brand ventures into various realms of gaming.”


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