Cuesta Licensing Secures Partnership with Franco Manufacturing for NightBuddies

NightBuddies Cuesta Licensing Franco Manufacturing

Cuesta Licensing is thrilled to announce that they have entered into a licensing agreement with Franco Manufacturing, a leading provider of preschool bedding. NightBuddies brand of illumination and heating technologies for children’s products is a match made in heaven to provide children with more comfort. This partnership will allow Napa Valley Toys LLC to incorporate these innovative features into their line of preschool entertainment character bedding, creating an immersive and safe night-time experience for kids.


“We are excited to be working with Franco Manufacturing to bring our toy technologies to top preschool lines of character bedding,” said a spokesperson for Napa Valley Toys USA. “These features will not only provide children with a sense of independence and security at night but also allow their imaginations to soar.”


The licensing agreement was facilitated by Cuesta Licensing, a leading licensing agency that specializes in connecting brands with innovative technologies. “We are thrilled to have played a role in securing this partnership between Nightbuddies and Franco Manufacturing,” said a representative from Cuesta Licensing. “We believe that this collaboration will result in a truly unique and engaging product that will delight children and parents alike.”


Napa Valley Toys plans to launch their new line of Nightbuddies licensed character bedding in the coming months. The products will feature a range of top popular preschool characters and will be designed to provide children with a magical and comforting bedtime experience bringing Light and Love.