Moosh-Moosh Reveals Hooded Blankets and Starlight Buddies for Spring 2024

moosh-moosh hooded blankets starlight buddies

When you create the world’s softest plush buddies to cuddle with, what would be the next snuggly step? Moosh-Moosh debuts two Spring 2024 Collections with Hooded Blankets and Starlight Buddies. A total of twelve new characters from Drac The Dragon Starlight Buddy to Caticorn Hooded Blanket are in stock and ready to join you on the couch, at bedtime or tucked inside an overnight bag for an oh-so-comfy adventure.


The Hoodie Blankets are meant to be worn from head to knee. The twist is their one-size-fits-all is perfect for kidults who miss that comfort of wrapping themselves in softness. It’s like a blankie for a very big kid or grownup! Colorful and kooky, there are six personalities to choose from: pink Caticorn (part meow, part unicorn); chalk colored Llamacorn; sea blue Shark; yellow/orange Pug; green toothy Dinosaur and cloud covered Panda.


Now kidults have a hooded blanket to provide comfort and warmth that they’ve grown accustomed to from using a plush pal or soft blanket throughout childhood. There’s actual science behind that desire! Just last year, Serta Simmons Bedding surveyed 2000 Americans to learn about their sleeping habits. 52% percent of those surveyed grew up sleeping with a security blanket or stuffed animal, and 77% of this group reported continuing to do so! You don’t have to sleep in your Moosh-Moosh hooded blanket, but it might just be what’s needed at the start of a great day or the end of a hectic one.


Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blankets • $39.99 Wrap yourself in the comfort, warmth, and softness of Moosh-Moosh and let your imagination run wild. These one-size-fits-all coverings have full sleeve that leave hands free. Each style boasts an animal-inspired hood with big eyes, perhaps horns or a toothy smile. Choose from six characters that are ultra-soft and cozy — the gift of all Moosh-Moosh products.


Moosh-Moosh Spring 2024 Starlight Buddies • $19.99 Equally appealing are the newest set of Starlight Buddies. These 12” bundles of softness are squishy and dare we say, mooshy! Each buddy boasts two perky ears, big eyes and a smirk, a grin or a pink tongue. They are simultaneously endearing, adorable and eager to play. Meet the green and purple dragon Drac; a purple and white pup Carrie; pink and blue Kandy Kat; sweet as can be Honey the Bear; a gold horned unicorn Sparkle and starry-eyed Pandy.


Every Starlight Buddy has a not-so-hidden star embroidered on their plump bodies. Moosh-Moosh toy designers then added sweet little touches to each Buddy. Drac has purple wings on its back. Honey has a hairline of colored sprinkles! And Sparkle arrives with a thin mane of pink hair. Each of these six pillow-y pals boast a star on their tummies. Kandy Kat and Pandy have added stars around their eyes! The wide-eyed personalities are eager to become a BFF and promise cuddles and softness whenever it’s needed! Choose one if you can but with a $19.99 price point, keep one on the bed and stash one on the couch or in the car!


With so many choices this month, will you be Team Hoodie or Team Buddy or both? Everyone Could Use A Moosh-Moosh Moosh-Moosh plush, wearables and accessories have been recognized for their outstanding quality and appeal among various awards and accolades. Honored with the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services, Moosh-Moosh Plushies continue to delight families everywhere.


The adorable plush toys have also been voted as the Top Sensory Toy and Gift by Autism Live, making them a perfect choice for children with sensory sensitivities. Furthermore, Moosh-Moosh Plushies have been named the Top Fun toy by the esteemed Tillywig Toy Awards, showcasing the toymaker’s commitment to creating enjoyable and engaging plush companions.