Super Impulse Launches Stinktacular New Collectible with Release of Gross-out Brand Stink Blasters

Stink Blasters Super Impulse

Super Impulse is preparing to make a BIG STINK in 2024, with the nostalgic return of Stink Blasters, the gang of collectible misfits designed to tickle the funny bone while offending the olfactory senses. In a daring move to thrill and repel the toy market, Super Impulse has resurrected the brand with complete disregard for good taste!


Stink Blasters originally launched in 2003 in over 30 countries with millions of units sold, experiencing worldwide success. Responding to the persistent demand for gross-out toys, Super Impulse, renowned for its success in high profile licensed, functional miniatures, adds Stink Blasters to its stelar portfolio alongside best-selling brands like World’s Smallest, collectible licensed Micro Figures, and co-branded Potato Head Poptaters.


“When we debuted the return of Stink Blasters at New York Toy Fair this past Fall, we saw that some of our buyers were quickly offended, while others wanted more stink! How often can you generate a laugh and a sneer simultaneously?!” said Super Impulse President, Alan Dorfman. “ We are launching with updates of 8 of the original characters, each with a backstory on how they got so smelly, and each with their own, diSTINKtive effluvium”.


Stink Blasters Series 1 will hit in Spring of 2024. Each comes packaged in a displayable, transparent toxic waste industrial drum and includes a bio card and a checklist. From Silent Gasser to Tony Anchovy to Barfin’ Ben and the rest of the gang, each 2 ½ inch character can be squeezed to emit a unique odor.


More than just collectibles, Stink Blasters tap into the inner “instinkt” for good, timeless pranks and endless fun. To see the latest on this big stink, visit and follow @SuperImpulse on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!