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Cuesta Licensing Launches an Innovative Boutique Licensing Agency Focused on Representation for Diverse Intellectual Properties

Cuesta Licensing

By representation of a diverse group of award-winning women and their intellectual properties, Marlene Cuesta proudly announces the launch of Cuesta Licensing, an innovative boutique licensing agency focused on creativity, connection, and collaboration. Equipped with over a decade of experience as a Licensor working with entertainment and corporate brands such as Bob the Builder, Lamborghini, Tecate, Dos Equis, and General Motors—Cuesta Licensing is on the fast track to become a huge player in the toy and entertainment licensing industry.


On a mission to empower women and girls of all diversities, Cuesta Licensing has strategically partnered with IP brands and manufacturing partners that purposely infuse love and light for children of all ages into their work while being designed to inspire confidence, resilience, and courage.


Currently representing IP brands such asThe Afro Goddess Warrior collection, NightBuddies, and Zombie Zoo—Cuesta Licensing is forging the way for new innovations, stories, and play experiences to be born into today’s licensing and entertainment world.


Complete with over 150 characters, The Afro Goddess Warriors collection is a captivating, story based, three pillar program—spanning from girl to Goddess—that magically empowers one to be emotionally intelligent, resilient, and shine from within. Currently in publishing partnership with U.S. Games Systems Inc., this brand offers a massive amount of IP to realize through toys, games, entertainment, and goods.


Illuminating retail shelves in over six countries, NightBuddies uses its patented technology in master plush partnership with Beverly Hills Teddy Bears to share Love & Light through plush inventions. Also, in partnership with Franco Manufacturing NightBuddies offers elevated bedding, Cuddle Pillow Buddies and other comforting goods for children.


From the work of award-winning author and illustrator Neecy Twinem, Zombie Zoo is a collection of cute and creepy Zombies that unleash major Halloween fun. Offering spooktacular adventures, excitement, and whimsical charm Zombie Zoo is a unique line that will elevate Halloween holiday fun for years to come.

Cuesta Licensing invites partners and enthusiasts alike to join in on this remarkable journey of empowerment, creativity, and innovation. For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please contact Marlene Cuesta by email at or by phone at (626)623-8880.