Goliath Announces Acquisition of Lucky Duck Games!

goliath lucky duck

Goliath proudly announces the acquisition of Lucky Duck Games, best known for its industry-leading Digital Hybrid board games such as Chronicles of Crime and Destinies.


Goliath, a global leader in kids & family games with multi-generational hits like Triominos, Rummikub, Sequence & Pop the Pig, has been building success in the Adult Games category, published under Endless Games. Notable releases include the nation’s #1 crime game, Unsolved Case Files, and the international hit Party Game Sh*t Happens, with more kidult games slated for release under its global distribution deal with Funko Games announced last month.


Jochanan Golad, CEO of Goliath, says: “As a global games business, we see there are two major growth areas in game; (adult) party games and strategy games. Consumers and kidults particularly are playing boardgames like never before; this trend was already there, but the pandemic had greatly accelerated it.”


Lucky Duck Games’ library of high-quality strategy titles will complement Goliath’s existing multi-category catalogue.


Golad further expressed admiration for Lucky Duck Games’ swift rise in the strategy space. “Vincent and his team have done an astounding job in such a short time to become a notable player in the strategy games category. We are very impressed by the games they’ve brought to market.”


Vincent Vergonjeanne, Founder of Lucky Duck Games, echoed the sentiment, affirming the shared entrepreneurial ethos between the two entities. “Goliath’s entrepreneurial spirit perfectly aligns with ours. This partnership empowers us to continue investing in cutting-edge strategy games while leveraging Goliath’s expansive global distribution network to reach an even broader audience of tabletop gamers,” Vergonjeanne stated.


Vincent and his management team will continue to run Lucky Duck Games autonomously as an independent studio within the Goliath group of companies, maintaining its commitment to designing and launching innovative strategy games on a global scale.


Founded in 1980, Goliath has grown into a significant player in the global toy and game industry. As a family-owned company, it has consistently been a leader in developing innovative and engaging products that deliver joy to families all around the world. Over the past decade, Goliath has undergone considerable growth through a series of strategic acquisitions. These moves have broadened its product range and strengthened its international presence.


Now positioned as the third-largest games company in North America, Goliath is taking a pivotal step by expanding beyond its traditional focus on family games to encompass the wider toy and games industry.


Goliath’s diverse product portfolio, which includes internationally successful games like “Pop the Pig”, “Sequence”, and “The Floor Is Lava”, highlights the company’s dedication to combining fun, learning, and creativity. These offerings reflect the core philosophy of Goliath: uniting people of all ages through the power of play. For more information, visit