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Kartoon Studios + VeVe to Launch Stan Lee Limited Edition ‘Phygital’ Collections

Stan Lee Kartoon Studios VeVe

Kartoon Studios, the controlling partner of “Stan Lee Universe, LLC,” partners with VeVe, the global leader in digital collectibles and comics derived from some of the world’s best known IP, such as Star Wars, associated with powerhouses, including Disney and Marvel, as well as being the top-grossing Entertainment App in the Google Play and Apple stores, and groundbreaking Multiverse Clothing Company Inc. to produce a series of limited-edition Stan Lee digital and physical collectibles to be included in launches aimed for June and July around San Diego Comic-Con.


These exclusive collections will feature never-before-seen by the public artwork created by three of the most renowned contemporary pop culture artists, Rob Prior, Burton Morris, and Punk Me Tender. Prior and Morris have had both a professional and personal relationship with Stan Lee over the years, inspiring their own creativity. All three artists are currently producing Stan Lee limited-edition portraits for the special summer release, as well as creating artwork for the forthcoming Stan Lee Universe.


The “phygital” collections will blend fine art with smart fashion and include special digital collectibles by VeVe. The limited-edition apparel lines will come with Easter Eggs that unlock various value adds for fans. In some cases, lucky fans will discover they are now owners of priceless Stan Lee art signed by these world-famous artists.


“We have always believed that the Stan Lee Universe will ignite imaginations in new ways and this innovative deal with VeVe that merges fine art, fandom, and the physical with the digital worlds, alongside the newly launched Stan Lee Presents channel; dedicated Stan Lee Store on Amazon; and upcoming launch of the Stan Lee Universe stories are key building blocks to making that a reality,” stated Lloyd Mintz, SVP of Global Consumer Products, Kartoon Studios, and former Hasbro and Disney consumer products executive. “Stan Lee remains a pioneering force in the industry, and there is a huge passion around him and all that he stood for. I have not been as enthusiastic about the possibilities of a brand since launching the MONOPOLY gaming business at Hasbro, which went on to become a ground-breaking success. The possibilities around the Stan Lee brand are endless as we unlock a treasure trove of a whole new generation of superheroes.”


“VeVe is ecstatic to be the digital partner in this innovative collaboration. We and our tight knit community of collectors are huge fans of the legendary Stan Lee, having dropped many limited-edition comics and collectibles borne from the iconic characters & stories he co-created. This exciting collab brings a new dimension of fine art & fashion to VeVe, whilst introducing new fans into the fun & exciting world of digital collecting. As an avid collector and fan of Stan Lee, Rob Prior, and Burton Morris – I can’t wait to experience the thrill of this new collection,” noted David Yu, VeVe’s CEO and co-founder.


Mintz adds: “By weaving their extraordinary works of art into these physical and digital collections, we are delivering a truly unique opportunity for fans to experience the Stan Lee Universe in deeper and more immersive ways. This coupled with the idea that a few lucky fans, can find special Easter Eggs in their apparel designs that allow them to win signed works of art by artists whose works have sold for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, just makes these releases even more extraordinary.”


“Stan was such an iconic trailblazer in his day that it seems fitting that once again he is paving the way by introducing a revolutionary way for fans to experience his world through fine art, fashion and digital collectibles” said Tricia Srinivasan, Multiverse Clothing Company Inc’s co-founder.