Collect Tiny Treasures – itSmol Launches with Exclusive Miniature Vinyl Collectibles

itsmol mmg brands

In a world where joy arrives in small packages, MMG Brands is thrilled to unveil itSmol, a brand-new line of miniature collectible vinyl figurines that promise to bring big smiles. Standing proud at 1.5” to 2” tall, the itSmol collection brings together the essence of whimsy and the delight of collecting, offering something truly unique for collectors and fans of all ages.


At the heart of the itSmol universe are two captivating series: the adorable Teanie Tots, snugly sitting in their miniature teacups, and the vibrant itSmol Moosh-Moosh collection, featuring fan-favorite characters reimagined as tiny collectibles. Available now online at and at select Walgreens stores, these collectibles are a must-have at just $10 each.


A Little World of Big Wonders

Dive into the itSmol universe with twelve 1.5” itSmol Moosh-Moosh collectibles, including beloved characters like Bubblegum, Corey, and Crush, all ready for grand adventures in their new miniature form. The Teanie Tots series introduces Boba, Chickpea, and Panini, each a tiny bit bigger and just as charming.


“We are committed to excellence, creativity, and building a community,” explains Sean Price, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for MMG Brands. “Each itSmol figure is crafted with care, ensuring the highest quality and a special charm that resonates with collectors. Our mission is to bring joy and a sense of wonder through our diverse collections, providing a little something for everyone in the vast itSmol universe.”


Collect, Share, and Cherish

Each itSmol figurine is meticulously crafted, from the 1.5” Moosh-Moosh collectibles to the slightly larger Teanie Tots, embodying the quality and charm MMG Brands is known for. The 2024 Spring Collection invites collectors to embark on a journey of discovery and friendship with characters like Dot, Drac, Rainbow Swirl, and many more, ensuring every collector finds their perfect tiny companion.


A New Chapter in Collecting

While the itSmol line proudly embraces its roots with Moosh-Moosh, it stands as a distinct brand filled with unique characters and stories like with the slightly larger Teanie Tots. Collectors will enjoy discovering and collecting new Teanie Tots characters and are invited to explore the vast itSmol universe, finding joy in the little things and the big community it brings together.