Purpose Toys Naturalistas Make Wellness and Self-Care a Priority for Kids

Purpose Toys Naturalistas Self Care

In celebration of National Self-Care Day April 5th, Purpose Toys, the largest African American-owned, internationally distributed, culture-driven toy company in the nation (and leader of Natural Hair texture dolls and accessories for kids), makes wellness and self-care an integral part of play.


Naturalistas are the world’s first full line of fashion dolls to honor the culture and nuance of Natural Hair. Carried internationally and across major retail outlets, Naturalistas were created to celebrate children with coily, curly, loc’d, and naturally textured hair.


Affectionately known as “The Motown of Toys,” in 2022 Purpose Toys made history with the successful launch of its Natural Hair-driven doll line, Naturalistas. Naturalistas have since become a best seller across major retail, known for its celebration of children with Naturally Textured Hair, as well as Natural Hair culture. This unique celebration of Natural Hair pride and Natural Hair nurturing through toys quickly evolved into self-care through play.


The success of the Naturalistas doll line led to the successful launch of its doll accessories line dubbed the “Royal Treatment Collection.” Purpose Toys is proud to continue the brand’s commitment to celebration and self-care with the launch of their NEW “Night Routine” fashion pack. This NEW item further substantiates Purpose Toys’ and Naturalistas’ commitment to authentically representing the world of Natural Hair care and self-care through play.


With characters boasting big bodacious hairstyles and Natural Hair textures ranging from “3C” to “4C”, this culturally specific “Night Routine” fashion pack features a “satin long bonnet” which also doubles as a satin pillowcase to “protect” Naturalistas dolls’ realistically textured hair.


Naturalistas’ “Wash Day” fashion pack (released 2022) was one of the first successful accessory packs within the “Royal Treatment Collection” line. A culturally specific and nuanced approach to storytelling through toys, “Wash Day” comes with accessories that help celebrate a restorative day of self-love and self-care, highlighting cultural traditions widely practiced by women and kids nationwide.


“Set in a place we call ‘Icon Village,’ Naturalistas’ favorite gathering spot within the village is ’Icon Salon,’ a luxury Natural Hair salon owned and operated by hero character and lead stylist, Dayna. If you know anything about our hair salons, Naturalistas Dayna, Kelsey, Liya, and Paige from Purpose Toys Naturalistas “Night Routine” Fashion Pack you’ll know they’re far more than a place of service. Our hair salons (in their truest form) function more like a ‘Cultural Country Club’…a place of sisterhood, self-care, culture, comfort and community,” explained DeeDee Wright-Ward, creator of Naturalistas and Founder/CEO of Purpose Toys. “With the recent trend of celebrity-led hair care lines, along with the renewed conversation and nostalgia of cultural beauty salons, Naturalistas (as a toy line) are at the nexus of authentically bridging Natural Hair care with self-care and wellness through play.”


Naturalistas dolls’ realistically textured “Premiere Deluxe Hair” pass all child safety standards, and can be washed and styled time and again, all while teaching children how to lovingly detangle, care for and appreciate their very own uniquely textured hair.


“More than a simple maintenance activity, ‘Wash Day’ within the Black community signifies weekly or bi-weekly rituals rich with tradition, nuanced hair care routines (and of course) music playlists! In contrast, “Night Routine” helps to consistently maintain the nightly health and well-being of our hair,” said Wright-Ward. Naturalistas tagline and most important affirmation the brand hopes to impart is “Be Proud of Your Crown.™” Products that fail to authentically reflect the Crowns (i.e., hair) of the children to whom they are marketed inadvertently sends the message that hair that looks like theirs isn’t equally valued. Purpose Toys aims to change this.


Naturalistas features a range of 11.5-inch gently priced, accessible fashion dolls featuring Natural Hair textures, cultural fashion packs, male dolls, large dolls, as well as the “Crown Collection,” the world’s first line of texture-focused styling heads boasting a range of beautiful 4B coils, 3C curls, and more. Kids might also notice adorably familiar facial features, gorgeous full lips, varying sun-kissed skin tones, and other fun and uplifting variables across the collection. Children will celebrate their cultural beauty and see themselves in these gorgeous dolls.


On National Self-Care Day (and every day) Purpose Toys aims to support the healthy emotional development of children who wear “The Crown.” Naturalistas are currently available at Walmart (US), Walmart (CAN), Target, Amazon, Macy’s, CVS and other major retailers across the U.S. The “Night Routine” fashion pack is coming soon to all Walmart stores and will be available at Target and Amazon this summer. “Wash Day” is already available at all three retailers.