Top Secret Toys Bring Must See Toys to Astra Marketplace

Top Secret Toys Astra

Retailers and specialty toy buyers are taking a road trip to St. Louis in June for ASTRA’s Marketplace & Academy. They call it a “big toy family reunion” featuring the best and brightest in products, ideas and connections. One connection not to miss is the Rehkemper family business, Top Secret Toys, at Booth 2927. As inventors, the Rehkempers’ firm created GigaPets back in the 90’s and is excited to unveil the newest addition to the modern collection with the most advanced GigaPet yet, Bit Bunnies. This remarkable GigaPet is just one of the many Top Secret Toys to be unveiled at Astra Marketplace.


Known best for toys that practice STEM principles within a few categories – Top Secret Toys unleashes its newest and best-ever simulated scientific experience at Astra with Dissect-It: Rattlesnake Super Lab ($24.99 MSRP). This sensational surgical kit for ages 6- years+ includes four kid-safe dissection instruments (no sharp edges) plus a surprise skeleton in the snake’s stomach! It joins the already-popular Frog, Salamander, Bat and Piranha true-to-life scale dissecting kits. No smell and very little mess in this anatomy lesson for young scientists without harming any animals!


In addition to Dissect-It, Top Secret Toys offers the Discover-It line using a slightly modified version of its one-of-a-kind slime compound to create a new kind of unboxing experience. In 2024 the new Discover-It experience is Bigfoot Dig, in which you uncover a set of bones to assemble a complete Bigfoot skeleton!


Never done with the slimy compounds that kids love to squeeze and stretch, Top Secret Toys has just the right novelty impulse slime line that features a collectible take away and an added surprise inside. The Gooblins ($4.99 MSRP) for kids ages 4-years+ have landed and are here to stay. These creatures from another world need your help to escape their gooey bodies ((sticks to nothing but itself!). Pick one or collect all six: Blob, Meatball, Sushi, Lagoon, Rock or Jim Reaper!


A twist of the wrist and a swirling light show appears! The new for 2024 nearly effortless Thumbler Wand ($6.99 MSRP) is the logical line extension for the popular original Thumbler ( $5.99 MSRP), the addictive scientific fidget toy that allows users to spin a top in their hand. Available in assorted colors and made to reward eye-hand coordination for kids ages 6-years+.


While Top Secret Toys clearly leans on its nostalgic brands like GigaPets and SpinPop, it wouldn’t be a top secret toy if it wasn’t filled with newness and innovation worthy of today’s kids of all ages. Aero-Storm airplane is more durable, needs fewer pumps and flies farther than pneumatic planes in the past. Hovertech, flying toys and target games are unparalleled for fun and satisfaction.


Check out the digital 2024 Top Secret Toys catalog here: and contact to purchase wholesale. Buyers should note that there is a minimum order of $300 USD. (Psssst: Top Secret currently does not work with Amazon or Walmart Resellers.)


About Top Secret Toys After decades of inventing and developing new toys and games for many of the major US toy companies, a couple of toy inventors and their team now make and market their most fun items from the past and new items too. Most nostalgic and noteworthy is a complete rebuild on America’s number one digital pet from the 90’s, GigaPets. Just as nostalgic is the Aero-Storm pneumatic airplane, also first sold in the 90’s and now only sold by Top Secret Toys. Equally exciting is ZoomQube, TOTY-winning Game of the Year, and in Hovertech, the best self-flying indoor drone as well as super-fun flying target games Drone Battle and Quack-Shot.