Willow Expands Its Retail Presence with Target to Prepare More Breastfeeding Moms for the Early Days of Feeding

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Willow Innovations, Inc (Willow), the Femtech leader disrupting the breastfeeding and pumping industry, announced its expanded presence in Target to provide solutions for moms’ pressing feeding challenges. Willow’s comprehensive system of breastfeeding products, including its award-winning pumps and on-the-go feeding accessories, will be available in Target stores nationwide and across its digital platforms.


With its expanded presence, Willow launched an exclusive Find Your Flow Feeding Kit, offering moms breast care essentials to prevent and relieve common breastfeeding difficulties. Available only with the Willow Find Your Flow Kits at Target, moms will have access to holistic feeding support with breastfeeding education created in partnership with SimpliFed, Willow’s preferred network of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.


“Moms want to be successful at breastfeeding, and Willow is redefining what comprehensive support looks like for moms at this stage,” said Sarah O’Leary, CEO of Willow Innovations. “We’re thrilled to join forces with Target to offer a comprehensive product assortment incorporating our all-in-one wearable pumps, mom-tested products, and expert-led content. Together, we’re making it easier for mom to have the tools and the guidance she needs to feed her baby on her terms.”


The Find Your Flow Feeding Kit includes essentials to prevent and treat many uncomfortable breastfeeding issues. It is the only breastfeeding kit that combines breast care solutions, virtual lactation consultancy, personalized feeding guidance, and digital feeding courses.


The Find Your Flow Feeding Kit includes:


  • Soothing Silver Nursing Cups – Made with naturally soothing silver, these nursing cups are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antifungal — designed to help relieve sore, cracked, and irritated nipples.


  • Catch-All Milk Cups – The comfortable silicone cups catch letdowns, help manage leaking breasts, and prevent sensitive nipples from rubbing or chafing. The cups are designed with a spout, making pouring milk into a bottle or milk storage bag easy.


  • Cooling Gel Nipple Pads- The hygienic gel pads provide an immediate cooling effect to help soothe and heal sore nipples between feeding sessions. The pads are reusable for up to 24 hours.


  • Reusable Breast Pads- A sustainable solution for managing leaking breasts while breastfeeding, the washable and reusable pads fit easily inside a nursing or pumping bra and provide discreet coverage while keeping you comfortable and free from stains.


  • Hot & Cold Breast Therapy Packs – Designed to wrap around the breast and provide 360° relief, these multipurpose therapy packs deliver instant relief for engorgement and swelling when cold and encourage letdown when used hot.


  • Exclusive Services – The kit available at Target includes a free 15-minute session with a lactation consultant from SimpliFed for personalized feeding guidance and exclusive access to the Find Your Flow Feeding Course for education and tips on all things feeding and postpartum care.


“Breastfeeding solutions are often fragmented and require moms to sort through a disjointed series of products and information,” said Lauren Scocozza, Vice President of Product at Willow Innovations. “We are continuously reimagining how we can provide moms with the best options to continue their feeding journey, and one way to do this is by creating products that make nursing and pumping easier, more convenient, and with more support. Delivering education and support through our feeding courses and exclusive content from our partners at SimpliFed will ensure moms have the best opportunity to meet their feeding goals on their terms – which is our ultimate goal.”


In addition to the exclusive Willow Find Your Flow Feeding Kit ($69.99), moms can shop the award-winning Willow 360 and Willow Go wearable breast pumps and other feeding accessories at your local Target store,, and