Baby Jellycat Brings Luxe Finishes and Hero Characters to New Ranges for Chic Newborn Comfort

Jellycat Logo Baby

Jellycat, the global creator of highly loveable and playful toys for all ages, is proud to reintroduce Baby Jellycat: a line of the most beloved Jellycat characters in new materials and styles. With exceptionally soft compositions and Jellycat’s renowned exquisite detailing, Baby Jellycat extends the Jellycat legacy to the earliest ages. The new launch is defined by two distinct ranges: the core Baby Jellycat range and Luxe Baby Jellycat.


Baby Jellycat

Eight familiar Jellycat fan favorites band together to make up the core range. This includes the celebrated “Bashful” characters (Bashful Bunny in six soothing colorways, Bashful Black & Cream Puppy, Bashful Dragon, and Bashful Lamb) and the Jellycat Amuseables Moon and Sun. Each Bashful character, as well as global sensation Bartholomew Bear, is available as a soother, comforter, and ring rattle, with some available as musical pulls that play an original Jellycat lullaby, now in sustainable fabrics, with all characters’ main body and stuffing created from 100% recycled fibers.


The Baby Jellycat core range also stars the Jellycat Cordy Roy Crew, including Baby Lion, Baby Elephant, Baby Dino, Baby Hare, Baby Bunny, Baby Fox, and Baby Duckling as huggable comforters. Each member of the Cordy Roy Crew is created in super-soft corduroy, adding a sensory, textured experience for little ones as they fall asleep or wake in the early morning, and is crafted from sustainable fabrics.


Baby Jellycat Luxe

Jellycat is also unveiling its softest fabric yet with the Luxe Baby Jellycat range. Made with feather-light, ultra-velvety materials and delicate detailing, the Luxe range features fan-favorite characters including Bashful Luxe Bunnies (Luna, Willow, and Rosa), and super-soft Luxe Smudge Elephant. The range also contains the new Luxe Jellycat Blankie available in each character, and Luxe Jellycat Soothers. All items in the Luxe range are beautifully wrapped in white and gold tissue and housed in ribbon-sealed luxury boxes for an enhanced gifting experience.


Two tactile fabric baby books complete the collection, “Hello Sun” and “Hello Moon,” starring characters Amuseables Sun and Moon. The new Baby Jellycat collection is available to shop through the Jellycat website, Amazon, and national and local retailers. Stay up to date with Jellycat’s famed characters on their Instagram.


For a quarter of a century, London-based Jellycat has shared joy with people of all ages, worldwide, by creating highly loveable and playful toys in luxuriously soft fabrics. Jellycat’s unmistakable creations have disrupted and redefined the category and are a lasting, monumental trend among the TikTok generation. The core Loveables range features obscure and wonderful characters, including a Capybara and a Chameleon, as well as more conventional bunnies and teddies. The Amuseables range features all kinds of previously inanimate objects, ranging from foods to plants to sports characters, brought to life with amusing facial expressions. Found in the most prestigious retail spaces and online stores across over 80 countries, Jellycat stands among the most loved and respected soft toy brands in the world.