Epic Storyworlds Acquires Frima’s Original IP Catalog

Epic Story Media Frima's

Independent kids content creation company Epic Storyworlds – founded by seasoned children’s entertainment executives Steve Couture and Ken Faier and a sister company to Faier’s Epic Story Media – has acquired the full original IP catalogue from Frima, the prominent video game studio based in Québec. Under the deal, Epic Storyworlds now holds the rights to Frima’s full line-up of over original 20 brands, including Chariot, Nun Attack, Fated, Galaxseeds, Zombie Tycoon and Cosmo Camp. Couture was the Co-Founder of Frima, and served as the company’s CEO for almost 15 years.


Epic Storyworlds now will focus on reviving these acquired brands for a new generation and ensuring their longevity, including by reissuing games, updating their software to make them compatible with current platforms, and re-broadcasting television or digital content. The company picked up the Frima catalogue in collaboration with Louis Leclerc, the former Executive Director of Pixel Québec and Cartoon Connection Canada.


The company is already underway with a revival of the Cosmo Camp brand – a series of interactive applications for smart tablets aimed at young preschoolers, which first launched in 2010. With financial support from Québec City, Epic Storyworlds is developing a new preschool television series based on the brand’s cosmic universe. Additionally, the division is already reimagining the family console game Chariot, which was first released in 2014. With funding from the Canada Media Fund, Epic Storyworlds is developing a new game for the brand.


Steve Couture, Co-Founder of Epic Storyworlds, said: “Many of Frima’s original brands have deep legacies and have amassed significant fan-bases of all ages upon their original releases. As we now welcome this engaging array of IP into our portfolio, we are committed to protecting these local creations for the long-term – and ensuring we keep them alive for the millions of people worldwide who have enjoyed these properties, while also introducing them to a new generation of fans by developing fresh access points.”