Hasbro Launches New Arschmallows Party Card Game 

hasbro Arschmallows

Hasbro is thrilled to team up with DENKRIESEN to introduce Germany’s breakout marshmallow bottoms-themed game, Arschmallows, to North America! Available on Amazon, this cheeky, new card game features a squishy collection of marshmallow friends that are sure to leave everyone cracking up. Players can combine strategy and memory with toasty marshmallow bottoms for the perfect roast… but be careful not to get burnt! 


Following German consumers’ positive reactions about the game, Hasbro is excited to introduce it to new players in North America. This partnership is just one example of how Hasbro is continuing to seek out game creators across the globe to collaborate and bring exceptional titles to new audiences through the toy and game company’s distribution network.  

Arschmallows Party Card Game 

(Ages 13 years & up/Players: 2-6/Retail Price: $9.99)

Find out why Germany can’t get enough of Arschmallows, a cheeky card game that combines light strategy, memory, and marshmallow butts! Meet a cast of squishy-tushy marshmallows that will have friends and family cracking up all game long. Each player starts with 6 facedown cards. They can quickly peek at 2, but the rest are a mystery. Throughout the round, players try to find out what point value is hidden among their cards, as they strategize to get cards with the lowest points. The lower your points, the sweeter the score! Use Action cards to sabotage friends, take a peek at facedown cards or gain extra turns. Win the round by having the lowest total value and win the game by having the lowest value at the end of 6 rounds! This laugh-out-loud card game is a tasty choice, great on the go, and makes for a funny birthday or holiday gift for adults and teens ages 13 and up.