IMC Toys’ New VIP Hair Makeover Fashion Dolls Bring Innovation and Creativity to the Aisle

imc toys VIP Hair Makeover dolls

Pictured Above: VIP Hair Makeover Megan (left) and Quinn (right)


IMC Toys, the company known for the globally beloved Cry Babies brand, is expanding its portfolio of offerings while bringing innovation to the fashion doll category with the newly released VIP Hair Makeover dolls. 


VIP Hair Makeover fashion dolls are unlike any other dolls on the market, offering truly exceptional “wow” moments by combining innovative and unique hairplay with bold fashions for the ultimate hair makeover. Kids can effortlessly become hairstylists, revamping and transforming the dolls’ hairstyle with the simple pull of a string. The dolls have 11 inches of silky hair that magically turns into a new hairdo with the drawstring mechanism and their seven accessories, including a special hair accessory unique to each character for striking before and after looks. 


The dolls have started hitting retail shelves, with Megan and Quinn now available at Walmart and 


Meet the VIP Hair Makeover Fashion Dolls!



Quinn is the hairstylist with glittery style, dressed in a gold glitter dress and matching boots. She comes with a special heart case filled with heart-shaped glitter that helps bring the shine to any style. 



Megan is the hairstylist with the boldest style with her colorful hair and a super chic metallic silver dress. 3D hair stickers add the final touch on her long, flowy hair. 


Each doll has articulated arms, elbows, and hands for striking the best poses, crystal eyes, and long, soft, shiny hair. The pull string mechanism makes it easy to instantaneously transform the dolls’ hairstyle. Dolls individually retail for $17.99 


“At IMC Toys, we’re always striving to bring new play experiences to kids through innovation while still maintaining an approachable price point,” says Crystal Ganir, Vice President, Global and North America Head of Marketing, IMC Toys. “VIP Hair Makeover fashion dolls bring hair play to a new level. The value of these new dolls comes from the endless opportunities for creativity. The way in which the hairstyles are created is not only unique, but are also amplified by the variety of accessories and hairstyling tools that help kids form endless variations. At below $20, the VIP Makeover fashion dolls give kids new, engaging play patterns while catering to parent’s current price sensitivities.”