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Kraft Heinz and Iscream Unveil, Delectable Plush Collection, Inspired by Iconic Food Brands Launching at IT’SUGAR

kraft heinz iscream

Iscream, a cherished lifestyle brand celebrated for its vibrant and imaginative products, is thrilled to unveil a dynamic new collaboration with The Kraft Heinz Company, launching at IT’SUGAR. Together, they introduce a captivating range of plush items inspired by childhood favorite foods from iconic Kraft Heinz brands, including KRAFT Mac & Cheese, Jet-Puffed, and Oscar Mayer. Available in April, these creations promise to enchant both young and old, infusing everyday life with a delightful touch of whimsy.

The collaboration combines Iscream’s creative prowess with Kraft Heinz’s iconic branding and IT’SUGAR’s retail expertise, resulting in a collection that promises to elevate the plush toy market to new heights. Each item is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of beloved food products in a fun and huggable form.

The three standout items to be released first at IT’SUGAR locations include:

– Jet-Puffed Marshmallows Packaging Plush: A soft and cuddly rendition of the iconic Jet-Puffed Marshmallows packaging, bringing the sweetness of this beloved treat to life in plush form.

– KRAFT Mac and Cheese Microwave Plush: Embracing the comfort and nostalgia of KRAFTMac and Cheese, this plush brings the iconic blue box packaging to cuddly perfection, promising warm and fuzzy feelings with every hug.

– Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Packaging Plush: Paying homage to a classic favorite, this plush recreates the unmistakable Oscar Mayer Hot Dog packaging, delivering a playful twist on a household staple.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Kraft Heinz and IT’SUGAR to bring these innovative plush collections to market,” said Jennifer Mines, Vice President at Iscream. “Our mission at Iscream has always been to infuse joy and creativity into everyday products, and we believe this partnership perfectly embodies that ethos. These plush items are not just decor; they celebrate iconic brands and the memories they evoke.”


“Our brands make people of all ages smile,” said Charter Foster, Senior Manager – Licensing at The Kraft Heinz Company. “This isn’t your normal plush – in teaming up with Iscream and IT’SUGAR, we loved the idea of making something ordinary a little more extraordinary and extending our reach into new categories and retail channels. In line with our licensing strategy, our goal was to deliver a unique experience and continue building brand love by strengthening that connection between consumers and the Kraft Heinz portfolio of brands we all know and love.”


“We are excited to bring the first-ever Kraft Heinz plush collection to retail, available at IT’SUGAR,” said Justin Clinger, Assistant Vice President Creative and Marketing of IT’SUGAR. “This collection is a unique play on such iconic brands and a fantastic way for fans to showcase their love for Kraft Heinz in a fun and collectible way.”


This groundbreaking partnership, brokered by Kraft Heinz licensing agency Brand Central, merges the worlds of food, fun, and lifestyle, offering consumers a unique and playful way to interact with their favorite brands. Whether as a collectible, a gift, or a playful addition to home decor, this exclusive collection is sure to bring smiles to faces of all ages.


Iscream (a division of the Mines Press Inc.) is a tween and teen lifestyle brand that develops fun, fashion-forward items for kids of all ages to call their own. With an extensive product line including pillows, sleeping bags, room decor, beauty, apparel, lights, stationery and accessories, Iscream’s creative designs, patterns, and graphics make everyday products POP. Iscream is known for the perfect blend of colorful fun, playful designs and cozy comfort. Iscream’s magical touch makes the ordinary extraordinary.