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New Board Game Partner and TV Reboot in the Works for Beloved 80’s Game Show ‘Talk About’

Talk About board game

Breaking news ahead of National Game Show Day from the inaugural Quiz Show Expo is that the beloved 80’s and 90’s hit family game show ‘Talk About’, created by multi-Emmy-nominated game show phenom, Mark Maxwell-Smith, is readying a worldwide comeback. Maxwell-Smith announces a new Board Game Partner and plans for a TV Show relaunch. While details of a new Talk About TV Game Show Reboot are still under wraps, Maxwell-Smith has signed a comprehensive licensing agreement with Toyetic Brands, founded by longtime Toy Industry and Tabletop Game innovator, Dan Rowen, to develop an extensive line of board games based on the Talk About property. The Talk About deal, which includes board games, card games and mobile game apps, was negotiated by global licensing agent Genna Rosenberg from GennComm ImaGENNation.


Talk About creator Mark Maxwell-Smith is an internationally recognized game show Writer, Creator, Producer, and multiple Emmy Nominee. Maxwell-Smith’s career began as a Production Assistant on the classic game show, Truth Or Consequences hosted by Bob Barker, and evolved to him creating, selling and producing over a dozen television game show formats, including Talk About, Mouth Trap, Chain Letters, Equal Partners, Humdingers, Majority Rules, Knockout, and Now You Know. He has also contributed to the development of formats and content for series like The Joker’s Wild, Name That Tune, Let’s Make A Deal, Cross-Wits, Tic-Tac-Dough, Beat The Clock and his beloved first show, Truth Or Consequences, too.


Dan Rowen from Toyetic Brands said, “Classic reboots resonate with consumers, and this dynamic communication game will bring fresh themes, exciting energy, and attract a whole new fanbase! It’s so much fun working with a legend like Mark Maxwell-Smith on the Talk About franchise, and hopefully more of his games in the future.” Rowen, who has been producing toys and games for 25 years, indicated that Toyetic Brands will unveil the party game series under its new upcoming game brand which will specialize in bringing fun, playful concepts of this genre to retailer shelves and into consumer’s hands. The board game version will be available in 2025 and the company has indicated that there will be some unique aspects to how it is launched.


Mark Maxwell-Smith said, “What makes Talk About so special is its ability to go beyond facts and instead, offer insight into the minds and hearts of the game’s players. I know that Dan and the team at Toyetic Brands have the vision to adapt the gameplay for different audiences of today in fresh and exciting ways.”


In North America, Talk About aired on the CBC, USA Network, and in domestic syndication via The Fox Station Group. International versions of the show aired in almost one dozen countries, including Ireland, The United Kingdom, and Japan. Talk About continues to air on YouTube and launched on Buzzr beginning in 2022. Pressman Toys did the original game, which was an important part of the TV Game Show’s DNA.


“We’re thrilled to reintroduce this timeless party game in collaboration with Toyetic Brands,” said Genna Rosenberg from GennComm ImaGENNation. “The deep bench strength from both sides about game mechanics and how to create engaging and fun gaming experiences make this a truly powerhouse collaboration for Talk About.”


Talk About is a fast-paced game show and board game that challenges two teams to talk about a series of subjects, and name as many of the “Top 10” clues associated with their chosen subject in just 20, nerve-wracking seconds!


Team One chooses between two topics to talk about that can be either people, places or things. For example – “Do you want to talk about “Cereal” or “Taylor Swift”!?” Once they select their subject, the race to talk about that subject is on! Each contestant on that team gets 20 seconds to name as many unseen clue words as possible to earn that round’s points. The talkers know that the more clues they can guess, the fewer clues remain for their opponents to try to guess the overall subject.


Since there could be so many words associated with any given theme, the things contestants talk about are far-ranging and hilarious! This wide-open, word-association offers insights into the minds and lives of the games’ fast-talking contestants, and gets players at home in-the-game, calling out answers too!


Just down the road from multiple iconic television studios, Mark Maxwell-Smith will be at the Quiz Show Expo in Burbank, California on Saturday, June 1, 2024 speaking on a panel at 3:30pm about Game Show writing, and is also a featured guest at that evening’s Live Game Show. For Tickets to the Expo: