Ridley’s Games to Launch New Editions of Their Best-Selling Game Selfish

Selfish Ridley's Games

Ridley’s Games wants you to be unapologetically Selfish. The brand has announced the expansion of their best-selling Selfish board game to include exciting new editions to spice up game night … and let players indulge in a little self-preservation.


“Many board games encourage players to win through strategic yet respectable actions,” said Bill Miller, President of Galison & Mudpuppy and Publisher of Ridley’s Games, a subsidiary of Chronicle Books. “With Selfish, players must ruthlessly think only of themselves in order to be the sole survivor and win the game. It’s a wickedly fun way to play with friends and family, young and old alike.”


Each Selfish game has a specific edition or theme to experience: In the Disney Villains Edition, each player is one of five iconic villains on a mission to seize the throne and the title of “Evilest of Them All,” facing obstacles to prove how villainous they truly are. With the Selfish Zombie Edition, players who are bitten become flesh-eating zombies, using their turns to terrorize and prevent fellow players from winning the game.


The full 2024 Selfish collection includes:

· Selfish: Space Edition (also available in Mini Edition)

· Selfish: Shipwrecked Edition

· Selfish: Zombie Edition (also available in Mini Edition)

· Selfish: Star Wars Edition

· Selfish: Disney Villains Edition

· Selfish: Marvel Edition


Next month’s Astra Marketplace & Academy attendees will enjoy an interactive experience at Chronicle Books’ Booth #210, where Ridley’s Selfish Month will be in full swing. Guests at the booth can take frighteningly Selfish Selfies as they scream around zombies, play the various editions with industry colleagues, and win fun prizes.


To further promote the launch, influencers from around the globe will also take part in a Selfish campaign throughout June, playing the games and sharing what they like most about each edition.


“We are incredibly proud to expand this mischievously entertaining collection,” said Miller. “The games our teams have been able to develop, through their incredible creativity and with the support of highly respected licenses, signals an exciting new chapter for our company and a thrilling addition to our growing Ridley’s Games brand.” For a complete list of the new collection, click here! For more information on Ridley’s Games, visit them at ASTRA Marketplace & Academy June 2 – 5, Booth #210.


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