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Winning Moves Games Seeks Partners to Expand Portfolio

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Winning Moves Inc. (dba Winning Moves Games USA), a leading game and puzzle manufacturer with over 25 years of successful operations in North America, is looking to expand its portfolio of classic, retro, cool & fun products!

Winning Moves Games USA has a strong product line, solid financials, excellent production, forecasting, and operations systems. We have meaningful long term working relationships with trade customers and have delivered significant results, year after year.

In addition, we have decades long, enduring partnerships and licensing deals with major toy/game corporations. Licensors trust Winning Moves Games USA to produce high-quality products featuring their brands. We can do the same for you.

If you are a business owner with a great game, puzzle, toy (or line) and you are looking for the right partner to help take on the heavy lifting, reach out to us.

Under a licensing deal, Winning Moves Games USA would take over production, inventory, forecasting, warehousing and sales. You could continue to develop new products or you could pass the entire process over to Winning Moves Games USA. This is how one of our best sellers, Pass The Pigs, came to be a key part of our portfolio. Let’s start a discussion about your product and see where it takes us. Your product could be the next great add to our “winning” portfolio.

Please send inquiries to the Winning Moves Games USA Team at: