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Kabillion Announces Slate of Summer Shows, Special Programming

kabillion programming
Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule!, the free, go-to platforms offering kids and families many amazing shows, has assembled a slate of must-see entertainment for June and July – and available on-demand on most cable and satellite services and streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sling, and XUMO.
The new Freebies section of the Kabillion website helps extend the fun of some of the platform’s best-watched programming with printable/downloadable word searches, coloring pages and more.
Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! – Featured Summer 2020 Programming
Celebrate Summer!:
It’s summertime and it’s time to play on Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! Featured programming includes:
On Kabillion
WWE: We all Scream for Ice Cream (Featured in June/July)
It’s summertime and that means Ice Cream. CP Punk brawls with Damien Sandow over the value of wisdom versus Ice Cream.
WWE: Sundae in the Park with Punk (Featured in June/July)
It’s summertime in the park with WWE. CM Punk accidentally spills onto the Miz’s pristine business suit, and a battle over who should pay the dry-cleaning bill ensues.
LEGO City: Jungle Rumble #1(Featured in June/July)
It’s summertime and what better place to explore than the Jungle? Now, LEGO explorers can go into the jungle trying to track a panther, but just seem to keep finding danger around every corner.
LEGO City: Jungle Rumble #2 (Featured in June/July)
The summer adventure continues as the LEGO team explores the deepest darkest part of the Jungle.
LEGO City: Jungle Rumble #3 (Featured in June/July)
The LEGO explorers find it’s time to get out, or run for their lives, in the conclusion of Jungle Rumble.
Batman Unlimited: Boardwalk Battle (Featured in July)
It’s Summertime and Batman and The Joker go for a wild ride on the carnival’s boardwalk.
On Kabillion Girls Rule! 
Barbie: The Sweetest Journey (Featured in June/July)
It’s a summer hike with Barbie and Chelsea, but Chelsea runs ahead, as Barbie takes her own sweet time.
Bobby’s World: Beach Blanket Bobby (Featured in June/July)
Uncle Ted takes the family out on his pride and glory…his very own new boat. Things get a little bit crazy as the family become castaways.
Bobby’s World: Swim By Me (Featured in June/July)
When Derek saves Bobby from drowning during Bobby’s first visit to the public pool, two things happen: Derek becomes Bobby’s unwilling hero, and Martha declares that Bobby shall have swimming lessons.
Bobby’s World: Fish Tales (Featured in July)
It’s summer camping time as the Generics go camping in Canada!
Chloe’s Closet: Flower Power (Featured in June)
It’s Summer Time Sun Fun, when Chloe and her friends travel to Holland to watch the tulips bloom but a grumpy gnome has cast a spell to block the sun!
Chloe’s Closet: Sun Daze (Featured in June)
Chloe and her friends visit a fairy land that is always light. It turns out the Sun has lost her “comfort blankie” and can’t sleep without it.
Chloe’s Closet: A Camping We Will Go! (Featured in June/July)
Chloe and her friends encounter a “scary monster” while camping, but he turns out to be a very small, very loud bullfrog!
Father’s Day Fun!:
Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! celebrate dads with special programming for the whole family all June long, including:
On Kabillion
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: The Story of Vestroia
Lured by an invitation to celebrate their world-class rankings, five of the top ten Bakugan players gather at a mysterious mansion.
Dream Defenders: Hi, Dad
Zeus locates Dr. Daedelus, his missing creator, while scanning the Dreamworlds. Though suspecting a trap, Zane and Zoey go to the Dreamworlds to attempt a rescue. When they end up stranded as well, Zeus must recruit Tucker and Patel to help them.
Future Card BuddyFight: Mage Garga! A Magic World Buddyfight!
Yuga finds a Magic World card that belonged to his father and decides to explore its possibilities.
Hero 108: Prince of Seagulls
After an ill-advised attack against Big Green, Seagull King and his ungainly son decide to join the rebel cause. Once inside the turtle shell base, the haughty Seagull King puts everyone down, including his princely offspring.
Sonic X: Shadow World
Sonic visits Eggman’s grandfather.
Transformers Animated: Transwarped
Prime tries to settle a rift between Sumdac and Sari, who refuses to believe her father’s story of how she came to be. Meanwhile, Shockwave frantically tries to coordinate the Decepticon invasion of Cybertron in the absence of Megatron.
Wild Grinders: Picnic of Doom
Lil Rob attends Gene’s company picnic. The father and son compete against Stubford and Track for the company trophy: The Golden Tool. But when Lil Rob and Gene prove to be the superior team, Stubford picks new, rigged games to assure his victory.
Zevo 3: Daddy Dearest
Stankfoot decides to pay tribute to his late father by destroying New Eden’s “mega dam” and flooding the city. Unfortunately, Matt’s latest techno gadget has alienated him from his teammates and Ellie is distracted by a new boy, so it’s up to Jason to save his city AND his teammates.
On Kabillion Girls Rule!
Bobby’s World: My Dad Can Fix Anything
Bobby’s dad tries to fix a plumbing problem in the house…without much luck.
Bobby’s World: A Day With Dad
Bobby helps his dad and Uncle Ted fix the bathroom light so he can go to Legumeland.
Bobby’s World: Dad’s Big Day
It’s Dad’s big day and Bobby can’t figure out what to get him. If Father’s Day goes poorly, will that be the end of Bobby’s allowance?
Celebrate Independence Day!:
Kabillion & Kabillion Girls Rule are celebrating Independence Day throughout July! Featured programming includes:
On Kabillion 
Sonic X: A Revolutionary Tale
It’s a revolutionary tale, as Shadow fights alongside the rebels and they are able to force the Metarex to retreat.
On Kabillion Girls Rule!
Bobby’s World: Independence Bobby
Bobby’s got a lot of learning to do about what his country went through to become independent and if he is ready to be independent yet or not.
Bobby’s World: See America Last
The family goes on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, the trip doesn’t go as smoothly as Bobby’s dad thought it would.