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Planeta Junior Strengthens Pre-school Series Portfolio with Kiddets

The Kiddets

Planeta Junior has just signed an agreement to distribute CGI pre-school series Kiddets in Europe. This project is the first co-production by Pukeko Pictures and Hengxin Shambala Kids.

The deal makes Planeta Junior responsible for TV distribution and licensing in over 50 countries, including all of Europe, Russia and various nations in the Middle East.

Kiddets is Planeta Junior’s latest edutainment project. This series combines educational and entertainment content to satisfy young audiences. The project was created by Martin Baynton, who wrote the mother series The WotWots as well as children’s books including Jane and the Dragon; and Richard Taylor, founder and creative director of New Zealand’s Weta Workshop, winner of four Academy Awards and four BAFTAs. Kiddets follows the adventures of five young WotWots (Patchs, Dapper, Bounce, Stripes and Luna) as they learn to become space explorers.

Kiddets was designed to fulfil key aspects of learning through captivating entertainment that values education and a wide range of interests. Each character is interested in a different subject: science, art and culture, health and safety, mechanics and leadership.

The stories focus on the quest for knowledge and game play as the characters make discoveries and learn. Children learn safely through play. Each story highlights the discovery of new information, learning and key values like friendship, trust, honesty, kindness, tolerance, patience, truthfulness, reliability, forgiveness, respect, hard work and tenacity.

The second season of Kiddets is in production, following its successful broadcast in China, Australia and New Zealand. The series has also made the leap off the small screen, thanks to a range of interactive games and a mobile app for the youngest members of the family.