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Camp Bonkers Content Now Available on Kidomi for Kids and Families

Camp Bonkers Logo

Camp Bonkers, the YouTube based summer camp series developed by Wind Sun Sky, the creative team behind smash hits like Angry Birds, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Ice Age is expanding its reach through a partnership with Fingerprint Digital. Fingerprint, a leading provider of digital content for kids and families, operates Kidomi™, the award-winning all-in-one subscription app for kids ages 3-12,  delivering highly engaging, family-friendly content with thousands of premium games, videos and books from top family brands. Kidomi™️ is available in 14 languages with an engagement rate of 12 hours and nearly 60 sessions per user every month on average.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring Camp Bonkers to Kidomi,” said Catherine Winder, CEO, Executive Producer, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment.  “We made a last-minute decision to offer Camp Bonkers this summer in response to COVID-19 amid preparing the series for a much larger project, launching in 2021, and we’re thrilled to see this fun kids content expanding onto third-party platforms.”

 Camp Bonkers is an activity-based show that encourages kids to hang out with friends, play games, go on adventures, sing songs, make fun food, conduct cool science experiments and so much more, all from the comfort of their own home! Content is led by the camp counselors, as well as a group of special guests including Sparkles and Beaver and Scribbles the Cat. Though the Wind Sun Sky team was originally developing Camp Bonkers content in preparation for a new platform being developed for 2021, the team made a last minute decision to launch Camp Bonkers as a standalone franchise on YouTube in light of kids needing ways to spend their time at home in light of COVID-19.

The Camp Bonkers content is live on the Kidomi app starting Monday, July 20.