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Mellodees Reveals ‘Lil Mello

Lil Mello

Four weeks ago, Marshmello and manager Moe Shalizi launched their latest creation, Mellodees, a kids’ channel featuring weekly 3D videos with upbeat music produced by the superstar artist. The animated video series introduced Dee, a lovable musical robot and the star of the show. In this week’s episode, “Wheels On The Bus,” Dee gets a surprise visit from none other than his talented DJ friend Marshmello, in miniature form as ‘Lil Mello!  ‘Lil Mello makes his first appearance in the series, comically driving the bus and seated on a phone book!

Mellodees’ music videos have surpassed three million views on YouTube. The channel includes a fresh remix of classic nursery rhymes including “ABC’s Song,” “Rock-A-Bye Baby,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “Twinkle Twinkle,” as well as compilations.  With Dee’s imagination, he and his friends go on wild adventures providing families with music, special dance moves and more. By “Following the Beets,” kids can easily read and sing along with the lyrics.

Additionally, Dee and Mellodees will be featured in the first-ever iHeartMedia Saturday Morning Dance Party, a family-friendly music event for children and parents across the U.S. Families can tune in to the two-week dance series to enjoy songs, new videos and Dee’s signature dance moves, taking place on Saturday, August 22 and August 29, with streaming available on iHeartRadio’s Facebook Page.

Mellodees promises to deliver relevant messages and energetic music for the preschool set and their millennial parents to enjoy.  New music and videos release each week on the Mellodees YouTube Channel as well as all streaming platforms. Parents can find more information at Mellodees.com and follow their social media at InstagramFacebookTwitter and TikTok.