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Spin Master’s Bakugan Series to Air Episode on Roblox

Spin Master's Bakugan-Roblox

Spin Master’s Bakugan franchise will be the first to premiere a full-length series episode on the online platform Roblox.

Bakugan is a global battling franchise consisting of an anime adventure series, toy line, card game, and video game. Spin Master announced the rollout of an extensive global consumer products program for the brand last year.

Starting September 8, episode 317 from season three of the show Bakugan: Geogan Rising will debut within the Bakugan hub on Roblox.

“Roblox offers entertainment franchises a completely new way to engage with fans online in immersive 3D virtual experiences that make up the metaverse,” said Roblox vice president of brand partnerships Christina Wootton. “By merging our collective audiences, we are able to offer the Roblox community as well as Bakugan fans new and unique ways to connect and experience entertainment together within the Roblox metaverse.”

Bakugan: Geogan Rising is season three of the series. Part one of Geogan Rising is currently available to stream on Netflix. Episode 317, which is from part two, will arrive on Netflix on September 15, following its premiere on Roblox earlier in the month.

“Roblox has become a new way for people to come together through shared experiences and premiering the first full-length series episode on Roblox demonstrates our commitment to our evolving digital-focused approach – helping us reach kids and teens wherever they are,” said Spin Master’s EVP of marketing Laura Henderson. “We can’t wait to introduce another dimension of Bakugan storytelling within Roblox and deepen our fans’ connection to the Bakugan franchise with this immersive new virtual experience.”