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Cyber Group Developing Precious Moments Series

Precious Moments-Cyber Group

Precious Moments, the brand known for its collectible porcelain figurines, will serve as the inspiration for the latest project from Cyber Group Studios.

Cyber Group announced the development of animated comedy series Precious Moments for children 4 to 6, created by Scott and Julie Stewart.

Precious Moments embodies values that have been embraced and celebrated by families for generations,” said Cyber Group’s Pierre Sissman and Karen K. Miller. “After a very challenging year for all of us, we have a wonderful opportunity to create a series that delivers magical and heartwarming moments with endearing characters who will bring so much joy to viewers of all ages around the world.”

The series follows 8-year-old main character Hope and her pet hamster Sammy working to make precious moments come true for children in their town of Heartsprings. With a diverse cast of characters, Precious Moments emphasizes inclusivity, sharing feelings, overcoming fears and anxieties, and more.

“We are thrilled to be working with Cyber Group Studios and a team of thoughtful writers and artists to bring the Precious Moments brand to a new generation of children,” said Precious Moments, Inc. vice president of product marketing, Shehnaz Safiuddin. “Our updated art style and entertainment content are sure to captivate young audiences while fostering feelings of nostalgia among parents and grandparents.”