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Rosie’s Rules New Animated Series to Air on PBS Kids

Rosie's Rules PBS

PBS Kids will broadcast Rosie’s Rules, a 2D animated comedy series for children ages 3 to 6 from 9 Story Media Group and Brown Bag Films. It is expected to premiere in fall 2022.

“Preschool is that amazing stage when children start noticing the mechanisms of how a community operates, and naturally, they have a lot of questions,” said Sara DeWitt, senior vice president and general manager, children’s media and education, PBS. “Rosie is right there with them, figuring things out one ‘rule’ at a time through humor and play.”

The show follows the story of lead character Rosie Fuentes, a 5-year-old Mexican-American girl living with her blended, multicultural family in suburban Texas. The series showcases the cultures that comprise Rosie’s identity, highlighting Mexican, Southwestern, and Midwestern art, traditions, food, and music. Rosie sings a song to begin each episode, and a song at the end to summarize what she has learned.

The show aims to educate children on social studies topics including civics and government, geography, economics, and history. Episodes touch on issues ranging from how the mail works and transportation to family relationships.

“We are so excited for kids to meet Rosie,” said Angela Santomero, chief creative officer for 9 Story Media Group. “Like many preschoolers, Rosie is just beginning to learn about the world around her. Our hope is that kids will see themselves in the Fuentes family and fall in love with Rosie’s curiosity, determination, creative thinking, and humor.”