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Super League Gaming Launches Halloween Spooktacular Experience in Minehut for Minecraft Community

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 Super League Gaming , a global leader in competitive video gaming and esports entertainment for everyday players around the world, is bringing Halloween to life within Minehut, the company’s proprietary community for Minecraft players. The Minehut Halloween Spooktacular will provide young gamers with a series of fun, Halloween-themed gameplay, and community events built entirely in Minecraft, ideally suited for players who will not be able to trick or treat in the traditional way due to COVID-19.

The Spooktacular, beginning October 19th, launches with a custom-designed escape room inspired by a partnership with Moose Toys, a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of award-winning toys. Continuing through Halloween on October 31st, players in Minehut can test their Minecraft skills as they plot an escape from a toy factory where they’ll meet up with one of Moose Toys’ Really Rad Robots Prank Bro who has left tricks around every corner. At the center of the Spooktacular experience is Trick or Treat Village, where one of the haunted houses will feature a maze that must be navigated with the utmost care, as more Prank Bros have placed clever diversions meant to trick players into entering the escape room, instead of making it through to the end, where a special treat will await them.

“Missing out on a traditional Halloween is a real disappointment for kids who already are going through the toughest year of their lives. Minehut’s Halloween Spooktacular is at least a small way Super League can try to make 2020 a bit more fun,” says Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming. “We’re grateful to be able to partner with an innovative company like Moose Toys to provide an even more unique shared experience that will help young Minecraft players connect in a memorable way through their shared passion for gaming.”

The Halloween Spooktacular within Minehut will include additional gameplay and community events ranging from pumpkin carving competitions to actual digital trick or treating, ensuring a fun virtual holiday for everyone in the Minehut community.

“Prank Bro is the ultimate pranking partner, combining silly surprises with a cheeky personality. This type of fun aligns perfectly with Minehut’s Spooktacular and we’re thrilled to treat kids to really rad Halloween experience,” said Paul Solomon, co-owner, Moose Toys.