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THINGS… Mobile App Launches Thanksgiving Edition

THINGS... Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is normally all about Food, Family and Fun (and for many, Football). Sharing the bounty of the year, sharing stories and sharing laughter are what we look forward to. But this year with governments & health care professionals asking many of us not to gather in large groups, the food and football will still be plentiful but fewer families are able to get together which means less fun and less laughter overall.

PlayMonster LLC and Quinn & Sherry, Inc, creators of the hilarious “who said what” party game THINGS… have found a way to include any absent family “virtually” this Thanksgiving and to keep everyone laughing: The THINGS… Mobile app, Thanksgiving edition! The app lets you play THINGS… with family members across the country and around the world. It comes with a crisp, fall backdrop, silly avatars and 24 Thanksgiving themed topics. There are no right or wrong answers so just imagine your family’s responses to topics like: “THINGS… the turkey said to the reindeer”, “THINGS… you shouldn’t announce at Thanksgiving dinner” and “THINGS… they are talking about at the kids table”. The app is played just like the original table-top version: pick a topic, write a response, read them all out loud and guess who said what, but now you can do all of this on your phone, tablet or computer.

“Most families seem to have a collective sense of humor that comes out when they get together. It’s kind of a “funny glue”, a familial bond which would be a shame to miss out on,” said Tom Quinn, Creative Director for Q&S and Co-Designer of THINGS… “We are excited this Thanksgiving to make it simple for anyone, anywhere to have a giggle. In fact, Uncle Joe will still be able to make you laugh so hard that milk shoots out your nose. You just won’t get any on him this year.”

The app also includes 100 free topics and a growing number of holiday theme decks including the Thanksgiving edition. It’s available for free at The app store, Google Play and at “”. Of course, if you are able to actually get together, the hilarious, award winning original THINGS… table-top party game, in the beautiful wood box, has been making families laugh at Thanksgiving for many years and is available wherever games are sold. For more information about all kinds of “THINGS…” go to