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Horse Club by Schleich Expands With New Video Game

schleich-horse club adventures

Schleich’s Horse Club line has branched out into video games with the release of the new Horse Club Adventures game.

Developed by Wild River Games and published by Merge in North America, the game brings players to the Lakeside Riding Stable from the Horse Club universe, where they interact with characters Hannah, Sarah, Lisa, Sofia, and their horses.

The game offers over 40 quests, as well as side quests in which players collect stickers, photos, and accessories for their characters and horses. There’s also a freestyle mode, allowing kids to explore the terrain of the open world game on their own.

“Horse Club is one of our most popular lines, and it’s wonderful to see it played out on this digital scale. Schleich fans can now cross over from physical toys to digital gaming and back again, helping to create imaginative adventures.” said Annie Laurie Zomermaand, co-managing director of Schleich USA. “Kids have total control over the story, and we love to unleash kids’ inner storytellers.”

For single players ages 6 and up, the new game is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and as a digital download on XBOX ONE and PC.