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Spin Master Looks to Recruit Talent to New Games Pod

Spin Master-Games Pod

Calling all board game fans: Spin Master is recruiting for its new games pod, with the help of a meme campaign.

Created to support marketing for Spin Master’s games and puzzles division, the games pod is looking to attract new talent. The meme-based recruiting campaign developed by Spin Master and creative agency L&C New York is part of a hiring blitz to reach candidates who were or became board game and puzzle enthusiasts in the past year while at home during the pandemic.

Known for game brands like Rubik’s Cube, Hedbanz, Jumanji, and Upwords, among others, Spin Master’s games pod will be headquartered at the company’s office in Long Island City, New York. The games pod will support creative marketing efforts for games, and be responsible for social content and community management, project management, growth marketing, design, and copywriting.

Interested game fans can apply July 21 through August 13, with opportunities to bring more personality to their application by submitting via TikTok resumes. Spin Master hopes to assemble its new team by early September.

The company partnered with content creators Doing Things Media to create relatable posts for social channels that will capture the attention of board gamers. Recruiting memes will run on Doing Things Media Instagram accounts including Middle Class Fancy, RadDad, NeatMom, and Doggos Doing Things. Clicking through the meme leads users to a landing page that links them to the games pod applications.