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New Daisy Dew Drop Product Lines to Launch in 2020

daisy dew drop

Firefly Brand Management announced that it has secured licensing deals with plush manufacturer, Dan Dee International, and children’s publishing company, Bendon, Inc., for Firefly’s client Dreamdust Studios’ Daisy Dew Drop and the Rainbow Garden, the illustrated property created by Chris Antoine and Bob Prado.

Dan Dee International will introduce in 2020 a line of six-inch and 14-inch plush dolls including flower-girl Daisy Dew Drop and her garden friends Honey Marigold and Lily Stargazer.

Starting spring 2020, Bendon Publishing will debut a line of Daisy Dew Drop coloring and activity books, such as Imagine Ink and Magic Ink Pictures Books and Play Packs, in addition to other coloring and activity books. These products will target kids ages 3-8 and up. They will be available at bookshops, department stores, supermarkets, specialty shops, and online.

For the 2020 holiday season, Dan Dee will follow-up with their collection of flower-girl plush dolls including Polly Poinsettia, Holly Berry, Molly Mistletoe, and Douglas Fir.

As part of Daisy Dew Drop’s strategic development, Firefly Brand Management is seeking potential production partners for the development of an animated series for the growing brand.